NEPA 3 Results

Well NEPA 3 is done. It was fun. Nick (runner of the event) asked me to post up some of the results. I can only post for what I was there for, heh. So, that’d be 3s and GGXX/.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
1st Therapist - Akuma
2nd Ignatz - Ryu
3rd Neo DX90 - Ken

4th JD - Ken
5th Keith - Q, Dudley
5th Tibbor - Yang
7th Jam4Life - Oro
7th Carlos - Ken
9th TGPAdmin - Dudley
9th Sabia - Ken
9th Surge - Ryu

Guilty Gear XX Slash
1st Neo DX90 - Ky
2nd Therapist - Chip
3rd Ignatz - Sol Badguy

4th JD - Jam
5th Carlos - I-no
5th Rondell - Testament
7th Jam4Life - Jam
7th Surge - Slayer
9th Tibbor - Anji
9th TGPAdmin - Faust

I’ll let Geostigma post the results for the SNK Fighters. I know who won each tourney, but don’t know the full results.

Shout outs coming later.

of participants for each tourney?

heh, that was it. Eleven for 3s and ten for GGXX/.
Turnout wasn’t amazing, which is probably due to a combination of a bunch of no shows, some of the people that showed chose not to compete, Mother’s Day, and the c3 Malicious May tourney being scheduled on the same day.


Its natural for people to attend the tourny that has more talented players there!

Maybe you guys should do the same…and when u get there I will have T-bagged rice for you

Tradition what can i say…

Yes it is. I don’t schedule or run the event, heh. I just posted the info for the guy who did.

I just supported my local scene. Yeah, probably not the best move, heh, but you know what they say about hindsight :lol:

Well keep me posted on the next one so I can come smash some SNK heads…

It was small, but it was very fun. Great people and fun gaming. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I enjoyed myself. I was hoping for more familiar faces from last year’s NEPA but oh well…