NEPA GAMING CONVENTION 2 April 29th 2006 Sponsered by TGP

I’m am pleased to announce the NEPA Gaming Convention 2. Last year’s event drew in about 200 people, and this year TGP has partnered up with the Mall at Steamtown. The Mall at Steamtown will be the hosting site for the event, giving us space in unused stores to as well as providing TVs for the event. TGP is also going to be promoting the tournament with Adult Swim commercials as well as spots in magazines. They’re hoping that this will be huge. I hope so too.

I will post some preliminary info. Such as dates, times, games, etc. I won’t post prices until we get them finalized.
NEPA Gaming Convention 2**
Sponsored by That Gaming Place (TGP) and The Mall at Steamtown
Date: April 29th, 2006
Location: The Mall at Steamtown
Address: The Mall at Steamtown, 300 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503

Entrance Fees
$10: For General Free Play / Observing as well as the BYOC Area
$5: If entering at least one tournament the entrance fee is reduced to $5

Schedule of Events: Fighters Tentative
9:00am - 11:00am: Registration
11:00am: Ultimate Fighter’s Challenge: $3/person see below for an explanation *1
12:00pm: Super Smash Bros. Melee Low Tier Tournament: $5/person
1:00pm: Street Fighter 3: Third Strike: $5/person
2:00pm: Super Smash Bros. Melee Doubles: $10/team
2:30pm: Marvel vs Capcom 2: $5/person
3:00pm: Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles: $15/person
4:00pm: Soul Calibur 3: $15/person
6:00pm - 6:30pm Break for The Video Game Cover Band
7:00pm Tekken 5: $5/person
8:00pm Super Smash Bros. Melee Coach’s Tournament: $6/team

Schedule of Events: Shooters / RTS Tentative
9:00am - 11:00am: Registration
11:00am: HALO 1 FFA $5/person
12:00pm: Star Wars Empire at War 2 vs 2 $5/person
1:00pm: CS 1.6 5 vs 5 Cal Rules $20/person
2:00pm: Halo 2 4 vs 4 MLG Rules $10/person
3:00pm:CoD2 FFA $5/person
4:00pm: SCOM 3 2 vs 2 $5/person
6:00pm - 6:30pm Break for The Video Game Cover Band
7:00pm Halo 2 FFA $5/person
8:00pm Counter Strike Source 5 vs 5 $10/person
9:00pm LOTR BFM2 1 vs 1 $5/person

*1 The Ultimate Fighter’s Challenge: An interesting little format that covers several different types of fighters. There will be four Single Elimination. Top 4 placers will be awarded points. Highest point total at the end of the four tournaments wins. Simple, right?
List of Games for this also Tentative
Soul Calibur 3, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Naruto GNT 4, and special guest appearance from Killer Instinct

While I don’t work for TGP, I’ve volunteered to be head of the Fighting Game Department I’d like to add some more games to the list like Tekken 5, TTT, CvS2, etc. but I need to know if it’s worth it. I’d really like some input as to what people would like to see there.

Other than SSBM (Which will use an MLG style format) the other fighters will seeded by region. In order to do this I’d like to request that people Pre-Register for games they’d like to compete in. It helps give us an idea of numbers as well as makes things a little easier for us. Just send info like Name, Handle, and Region to You can pre-reg even if you’re not 100% sure if you’re showing up. Like I said, this just gives us an idea of what to expect and helps us out.

I’m already getting Pre-registations from people, and I posted this four days ago, heh.

TGP was at team arlington’s pound smash event this last weekend and it seems like there is some of MD/VA interest in this. At least 10 people coming from down there.

It looks like this event can really have a pretty good turnout.

I updated some things in the initial post. I added admission fees for the convention.

Alright, sounds fun; I should be able to make it to that. I would though like to see third strike and/or CVS2 there in Steamtown. Also if slash would be there, all the better.

well, GGXXS is due for release on PS2 around April 20th (or so I’ve been hearing). I’d love to have it there, but you never know…

What time and will/can this be a more than one day event?

Times for the Event or for the Tournaments?

The tournaments still haven’t been set yet.

For the Event itself, we’re aiming for start registration at 9-10am. Normal Mall hours are until 11pm, however, we will be having talks the people that run the mall and request that they their hours extended for the event. The times I listed, though, are very tentative.

This will be a one day event. I’d like to see that changed too, but I don’t believe it can be done at this point. :sad: I can bring it up, though.

prices/times added

all this is still tentative, though

Good stuff with the updates. I haven’t touched KI in forever. All I remember is that Cinder was top-tier.

Thanx for reminding me, I’ve already been asked this question a few times

Killer Instinct will be on the SNES. We’ll be playing Killer Instinct, not Killer Instinct Gold.

I’d come to this just for the Smash low tier tournament.

A chance to win my fourth tournament it would be…however, it’s kind of a stretch for me to go.

I’d like to enter a Super Street Fighter 2 X tournament.

Any chance of that happening?

That would be pretty cool to have honestly.

I’ll definitely try to have ST there, but I really don’t know if I can run a tourney for it.

If it were 100% up to me, I’d replace one of the four SSBM tourneys with ST, but I can’t.

However, with the setup we are planning on having, it may be possible to run one; but, as you can see, the schedule is kind of full.

So to make sense of all that blabbing I was just doing:

I want to hold one, but don’t know if I can. I’ll keep you posted.

Added the schedule for the PC game tournaments.


Well, at least the SSBM and SC communities are excited for this tourney, haha. No loving at all from SRK.

Oh well, tourney’s in less than a month now. The event will be large no matter what, but I’d love to show the SSBM lovers up in Scranton some nice 2D fighting action.

There are alot of people coming to this event for SF3rd Strike,

We already have at least 30+ people,

Come show your support for this event guys


plus how can you pass up VideoGameCoverBand playing all your fav video game themes live!!!



I have talked to a ton of people on aim about this,

if you told me you were interested please post here,

numbers keeps growing,.

can’t wait to see everyone


Would laptop setups running emulators be allowed in the BYOC area?

Def, we could even through it up on the projector for awhile for some fun


if i can i’ll come.

Killer Instinct. Wow. Yet no UMK3.