NEPA Gaming Convention 3 - Scranton, PA - May 12, 13


May 12/13th -NEPA Gaming Convention 3 - featuring VGCB!


Well it’s that time of the year again… The NEPA Gaming Convention is BACK. We are moving it back to its original location of PENN STATE Worthington Scranton. The website for the event will come out within the next week, with pre-registration along with the commerical to promote the event on adult swim. Last year we had over 250+ gamers at this we are hoping to eclipse 400 here.

1000 Meade Street
Dunmore, PA 18512
570-330-0600 or Toll Free 800-774-9791

May 12 - 13

Convention Costs
Full Access Pass - $15 ( can play on events computers, all systems, access to all areas)
BYOC- $10 or $8 with pre-reg (access to the NEPA3 LAN)
Console Pass- $5 (access to console areas, free play througout the day including while waiting for matches)
Spectator pass- $2 access to food area, able to watch tournaments and events

(Also this event will be paired with the Penn State IST club so %10 will be taken out of prize pools to help towards there club- But the other %90 for each tournament will be paid out:


Sat May 12th Events
10:00am till 12:00pm- Event Registration (Front Entrance)
NooN- CS 1.6 5 vs 5 $100/team Limit 16 teams (PC Area)
NooN- Magic The Gathering Event(more details to come) (Main Area)
12:30- Super Smash Bros.: Melee 2vs2 $10/team (Console Area 1)
1:00- Halo 1 FFA $5/person (Console Area 2)
3:00- SSBM Singles $15/person (Console Area 1)
4:00- Halo 2 4 vs 4 MLG Rules $40/team (Console Area 2)
6:30- Dinner/Halftime show for VGCB (Center stage)
7:00- SSBM Low Tier- $5/person (Console Area 1)
7:30- COD2 FFA Tournament $5/person
8:00- Halo 2 FFA- $5/person (Console Area 2)
9:00- SSBM Crews- $25/crew (Console area 1)

Sunday May 13th Events
10:00 am - Noon: Registration/Tournament Signup
Noon - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike $5/person (Console area 1)
2:00 pm- Guilty Gear XX Slash $5/person (Console Area 2)
3:30 - Naruto GNT 4 1 vs 1 $10/person (Console Area 1)
4:00 - LOTR BFME2 1 vs 1 $5/person
5:00 - Soul Calibur 3 $10/person (Console area 2)
6:00 - Gears of War 4 vs 4 (Console area 1)
8:00 - TBA

All Times are subject to (and most likely Will) change

Other Games yet to be scheduled.
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (PS2)
King of Fighters XI (PS2)
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (PS2)

** These are the preliminary times and we will try are best to keep them times will be finalized soon!

TEXAS HOLD’EM Cool Down- At the end of sat events we are going to be having a FREE ENTRANCE texas holdem tournemant for anyone at the event who wants to have some fun. 1st place will get $50 and 2nd will get $25.

For all events at the con visit the [website coming soon]

For people planning to come for both days, or need housing please contacnt me for local housing, I am also going to set up a deal with a local hotel that is right next to the venue for people who prefer that. I can’t wait to see everyone at this!




Now it’s time for my input.

It is strongly encouraged that people bring their own pads and sticks. However, there will be pads (and a limited number of sticks) provided.

General Rules for all Fighters Unless Otherwise stated
[] Double Elimination
] Best of Three Matches
[] Best of Five Semi-Finals
] Best of Seven Grand Finals
[] Button Bindings (as per in game configurations) are allowed
] Pausing Forfeits the Round
[] Soft Reset Forfeits the Match
] Draws are void. There is no sudden death.
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (PS2)
[] Best of Three Rounds
] Gill is Banned
Guilty Gear XX Slash (PS2)
[] Best of Five Rounds
] EX, #R, Black and Gold Versions of characters are banned. Cliff and Justice are also banned.
[] Button Binding is allowed (P+K+S and P+K+S+HS)
Soul Calibur 3 (PS2)
] Random Stage
[] [!] Bonus Characters and Abyss are Legal. Created characters are banned.
] VC is allowed with the exception of the Zasalamel Re-Throw glitch.
Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 (NGC)
[] Timer Set to 90
] Best of five Rounds
[] Random Stages
] Akamaru is banned
[*] Invincibility Glitches are Banned

SNK Fighters Will be Run by GeoStigma
Payout for these will be determined by the number of Entries
Under Ten Entrants: 100% To the Winner
Ten and Over Entrants: 60% / 20% / 10%

General Rules For SNK Fighters
[] Double Elimination (Single Elimination if Smaller Turnout)
] Best of Three Semi-Finals
[] Best of Five Grand Finals
] No Button Bindings
Mark of the Wolves (PS2)
[] Best of Three Rounds
] All Characters allowed
Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum (PS2)
[] Goodman is banned
King of Fighters XI (PS2)
] Timer Set to Slow
[] Shion and Magaki are banned as are the Console-Only Characters (Including Hotaru, Geese, Tung, Mai, and Robert)
] Vanessa Infinite Capped at Three Reps

More to Come
(For Concerns and Questions with the SNK Fighters ask GeoStigma)
(Questions on other fighters besides SSBM ask me, Neo DX90)
(For Questions and Concerns with other games as well as General questions contact AIM: Giants625)


Sounds Awsome! I’ll be there! Hope the GG turn out is good!


I can’t wait for this:

I will be playing in at least

GG - Faust/potemkin
SF3 - Dudley
Naruto 4 - Kimimaro



Updated some Info and added some rules


YAY! P+K+S! :lovin:


If you only want to play in the fighter tournies, do you just pay the $5 for the Console Pass and tournie fees, or do you pay the full $15 admission and tournie fees? Thanks :slight_smile:


good question

I spoke with Nick (the owner of TGP, and the person who is, overall, in charge of the event) to find out. Last year we did this a little differently, so I was unsure myself.

If you only plan on playing console games, then you only have to pay the $5 Console Fee + Tournament Entry Fees.

If you want all access (PCs and Consoles) then you have to the pay $15 All Access Fee + Tournament Entry Fees.


Forgot to post here, but as stated in the main post, PM me any questions pertaining to the SNK fighters.


A cousin and I are interested in the Halo tournaments. I have a few questions though, as I’m new to these tournaments.

The big question. Do we need Xbox live? =P

How old do you have to be?

Full Access Pass - We would get to play everything as long as we payed to get in and would get to watch everyone play the ones we don’t enter?

BYOC - We would have to… bring our own controllers or consoles? =P Yes, I know, a dumb question. And what is the NEPA3 LAN?

Console Pass - We’d get to do what…? =P

Spectator Pass - We’d get to just watch everyone play?

Like I said I’m fairly new. These may seem like dumb questions, but I need to know.
For the characters in the Halo games, would we have to make our characters there, or put them on one of those memory controller sticks or what…?

If we just wanted to play the two Halo FFAs, and would like to watch the rest of the tournaments, could you give me a suggestion of the admission we should pick, and explain it?

Lol, if you could answer these questions, I’d be eternally grateful.



No, TGP will supply the Xboxes. The tournament will be played via LAN, not over XBox Live.

As far as I know, there is no age limit. However, I will try to find out a more exact answer.

Pretty much. You get free play on all PCs and Consoles, and you can watch any and all events. This does not, however, cover the costs of the tournaments themselves.

Bring Your Own Computer. The NEPA3 LAN is just a big computer LAN.

Free play on all consoles


I don’t know the specifics for Halo, because I mainly run the fighers, however, I will ask.

Sure, if you want to just play the two Halo FFAs and watch everything else. Then all you would need to pay is the $2 Spectator fee (since all you would do is watch) and the entry fee for the Halo and Halo 2 FFAs ($5 each). The grand total would be $12. However, that just limits you to only playing during the events. If you wanted to play Halo (or any other console game) beforehand I recommend paying the $5 console admission fee. Which would bring the total to $15 ($5 Console Fee, $5 for each Halo FFA)

No problem, glad to be of service


Ok, thanks. I’m looking forward to this. Sorry about all of those questions, I just didn’t know what they meant. =P

One more question, do we have to bring our own controllers?



word on the street, is Jamie Austin (RabiteCake) will be comming to this event!


R NGBC and the other SNK games confirmed yet?? I will run these games etc if need be…


Why’s the split like that? 70/20/10 – the winner’s take will be small enough already at $5/person, I don’t think that would pay my gas.

SSBM has low-tier tourneys, lol


Yes, the SNK tourneys are confirmed, and are most likely going to run on that Sunday. I’ll try to hammer out the details soon.

As for the payout. I have no control over that, but I will bring the topic up. Are you saying that the less expensive touraments should be winner take all, or are you suggesting that they be bumped up to $10 entry fees so that the split is more viable?


How many people you got confirmed for this? Because its a tight stretch rightnow with Showdown Championships being the end of this month…

Theres still a good chance I will be able to make this however.

Do you know how many are going to sign up for NGBC, KOFXI Garou???

Hopefully we can turn this into something right???



1000 Meade Street
Dunmore, PA 18512
570-330-0600 or Toll Free 800-774-9791


As for what the expected pull for the SNK tournaments might be, I’m not sure.

You signup for what tournaments you wish to play in at the event and this is the first time the NEPA Gaming Convention ever had SNK tournaments.


Sounds fun to me. I’ll show up and play some 3S and GG.


Scranton still plays video games? I’m surprised.

I know no one plays Tekken there.