Nerf gun converted into GoW Lancer

Just in case you don’t want to read the entire post;

Before -

After -

Video - [media=youtube]YM-lbhxrgN4[/media]

I’m not sure if I posted this in the right forum - almost stuck it in GD.

Man, I wish I had one of those. :rofl:

Damn thats pretty sick i want one so i can chainsaw ppl irl :lovin:

holy shit thats amazing!

that pretty cool but is that seriously a community dedicated to squirtgun fights?

edit they;re not squirt gun but some some type of arrow?

I believe nerf guns shoot little foam darts.


lol were you raised in a cave.

Why is this in TechTalk?

SERIOUSLY cool though. The best stuff is on the inside IMHO. I love nerd mods, and this is probably one of THE best. It’s brass barrelled on the inside, and power modded, shoots over 100 feet. Uber cool.

They should sell that in stores, thats pretty cool!


Im going to allow this.

that was pretty sick. loved looking at the inside shots while that guy was putting it all together.

The End Of The Video Is Sooooo Fucking Cool!!!

April Fools!

What a great project. I have to see what else this site has on it.

the metal breech he added to the gun is really impressive. Whoever thought that up had a good understanding of how a real gun fires and how a nerf gun fires, and some how merged the ideas

Last time I seen one of these was like 15 years ago.

thats a really good modification.
I remember at one time I was into modifying nerf guns.

Fulaani, your avatar is creepy! Keep up the good work.

It’s been common knowledge among the nerf modding community for years now. not just brass, but a variety of materials ahve been found to be effective, including hollowed out crayola markers. The whole thing is insane.