Nerfed, Shafted, Gone but not Forgotten


How do you feel about nerfing, or taking away something in a fighting series for later versions? Imo I never did like removing something or have it being replaced. I prefered the idea of just adding on to whats already there. Only thing I can agree with are bugs, glitches, and just plain retarded shit like freezing that keeps the games from being played—point blank. All that other crap I dont care about. Complaining about stuff that’s legit in the game is whatever. Infinites, Heavily advantaged characters, and what not. You get better or stop playing.

Examples: Top tiers reverted to mid or low, infinites removed, tactics replaced with another lesser foreign element, priority weakened, and among other things.

So how do you feel about it? Do you feel it’s neccessary, annoying, or doesn’t really matter? For me Im no stranger to relearning something but at the end of the day IMO it shouldn’t be like that.

So just give your opinion I’m going to bed. Ill have more examples later.


Usually its properties of move that are nerfed, however sometimes developers opt to remove special move altogether.
Like in SS4, you can exploid Hanzo/Galford’s shadow copy in specific way so that opponent couldnt hit you, and you could turtle until timer runs off. This carried on to SS5 (which used the same engine), then move was removed altogether from subsequent games (SS5sp, SS6 and Sen). Console exclusive SS6 character Rasetsu Galford still has a version of Shadow Copy, and it still can be exploited similarly.


I’d probably play the new top tier.


Of course it’s neccesary, whilst it is the players job to work with balence issues and abuse whatever they want for maximum effect, it is the developer’s job to try and ensure those balence issues don’t happen and fix them in the next version when they do.

Sure it’s annoying when they get it wrong and your character becomes crap tier but theres always a chance it will get fixed again in the future and when it is done right it’s a good thing.


If the users are playing a character in a way the developer never intended then its their prerogative to correct it.

If its my decision then I’d try hard to add new things to balance it. Mostly because I know how much the userbase will cry when you remove something from them - even if it’s a hindrance. But there comes a point to stick to your convictions and just let the game tank if they don’t like it. Time will vindicate you. On the other hand, there are cases of the developers just being lazy or behind schedule. In those cases they might as well leave it be.


Sometimes things do need to be nerfed. The key is not to make a character boring in the process.


I agree…but its still annoying.


Depends on the nerf. Like nerfing Sagat’s health/damage a bit = good nerf because the character was clearly too good and lowering his health/damage lets the character keep his fun tools but allow other characters to have a higher chance of beating him.

Gen mk-> hands nerf is bad because the character was nowhere near great in the first place and needs any tool he can get to overcome higher tier characters.


Why are you asking for opinions when your mind is already made up?


Now if you read the 1st post…I said I can deal with it. I still shut up and play the games regardless. All I said (which I emphasized) is I think its pointless. I’m just making convo and I just asked a simple question which is how does everyone else feels about it. its easy bro. I’m not arguing-------all I said is “How do you feel on such and such?” Either you like it or you dont. Right?

Rightttttt… -_-


nerfing is a necessary evil. Just because you think it’s ok to play the game and deal with the problems it throws up…why should the developers care about that? The developers will always see things like infinites as a blight on their game and an imperfection. It makes perfect sence for ugly shit like that to get the banhammer. But yes, generally it’s better to take the problem and ‘fix’ it in a way that keeps the technique in the game while adjusting it’s values enough so that it’s not as abusive as it used to be.