Nerfing mid/low tie char in this game


If Capcom was that petty they would have nerfed Zero to oblivion as a “take that” to Inafune for leaving.

They’re not secretly conspiring to make some characters better than others, they just aren’t very good at this whole balance thing.


Not being literal, c. M and C. H are lows but their application hardly have the utility of other lows in the game.


Because they rush shit and they’re incompetent.
Still a fun game though.


What did they do to nerf him? Was it just the systemwide changes like DHC glitch/hitstun/meter building/airdashes that hurt him?


If you stand in the shield you can be hit now. Also hit stun deterioration on balloon bomb assist is much higher. There are a few other things I can’t remember right now too. Been playing UMVC3 too long to remember lol


Wait, they nerfed his shield!?

What the fuck man…


They also nerfed MODOK’s ability to lame out people by burning 5 bars at the top of screen. Like you do SJ>Body Attack>Body Attack>Flight> Hyper Psionic Blasterx4-5

I don’t even understand why…

He is still way better off than She Hulk, and Tron those…


ahhh yes the super lame out, was a classic :wink:


Honestly, they can get rid of that “feature” for all I care. It’s no fun executing this nor being on the receiving end to this lame-out “strategy”. I still can’t understand why Capcom felt MODOK should not be able to reliably combo crouching small characters, though. This isn’t even about giving MODOK a fast lowe. Opened a Zero up with an unblockable set-up? Too bad, he’s holding DB…


[LEFT]Bad individual match-ups in a team game is not that much of an issue, though that means characters should have things to add in a team ane make them worthwhile.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]People also kinda forget that with 50 characters and making them varied, it is impossible that all will work that well in the same engine.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]My favorite game is KoF2002 Um, and even though 30 characters are very good to make a team with, you have characters who RELATIVELY are just not good in the 70+ cast.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]If someone uses that as a basis that SNK cannot balance games, I’d just ignore him.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]And seeing how Vanilla and Ultimate do in terms of balance, they certainly are not that bad at it.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]There are many things I’d see changed in hindsight of course, but overall this was a nice new edition.[/LEFT]


AS far as the shield goes, if the enemies hitbox hits MODOK first, he still gets hit. So if you were standing in the shield and MODKO was protruding from the front, you’re just lucky to not get hit.


Dude that’s bullshit, even in X-factor, Dirt Nap is a minor inconvienience to any intelligent player. "Oh hey, I lost 450K. I think what I’m going to do now is win."
It’s only going to be a guaranteed win if you have a Phoenix who’s not ready to go dark and your other characters just died. Overall, X-23 is a shitty Zero with a command grab that’s astoundingly easy to whiff.

EDIT: I forgot about the combo ability after Dirt Nap. Still though, that’s a gimmick, and you have to blow X-factor to do it.


…Don’t you get a full combo after Dirt Nap? I don’t play X-23 myself but I was under the impression that landing Dirt Nap basically guarantees a dead character.


Since I did not see this name thrown in here, She-Hulk (forgive me if I did not see it)


I know she was hurt pretty badly, but doesn’t her booty attack otg now?


Her Senton? It always OTG’d it was the glitch that supposedly got fixed. Other then that they nerfed her slide, made it so you can’t call assists during her back flip from the chariot, and gave her that stupid lights out for the option select with her overhead. Oh ya, made it so her Torpedo OTG knocks too far back to relaunch mid screen (can in corner) and made it so her Clothesline wallbounces people in the air using wall wall bounce which she needs for her emerald cannon. Could have at least made her Emerald Cannon have a forced Wall Bounce to or something with all these wall bounce moves now…


I have corrected myself.


It’s not really a gimmick, it’s guaranteed damage…whether you know it’s coming or not, you are forced to eat it…you stupid move like this shouldn’t have to exist to make up for her other deficiencies.


I tried to put the nerfs in perspective. I guess Capcom or whoever wanted to make the popular characters easier to use, while making the more obscure characters less of a problem.

Dante and Wesker to me were the most popular characters so I guess they figured they should make them even more accessible through making their execution easier. And I guess they thought that they should reward people who put in work with Zero by taking away his reliance on assists for his combos (cancelling specials with Buster) and gave him the slight health buff.

However, they went stupid with some of the other cast. I guess they figured there was no justification for how ‘good’ She-Hulk was. And they p!ssed me off with how they nerfed Tron. The Gustaff Fire and Lariat needed to be nerfed. I don’t care what anyone says, invincible assists were cheap and you were too for using them. But they increased the pushback on her air H, nerfed her bonne strike, and with the overall reduced hitstun in Ultimate (which translates into reduced damage output for characters this affected such as her), along with the inability to block during airdashes, they’ve rendered her useless.

They’ve also made Iron Man worse, and Sentinel’s a shadow of his vanilla self. I guess they wanted more clearly defined tier lists.


That said, the Phoinex Wright nerf was fucking dumb.