Nerves Of Rubber : Ranked Matches

I’m wondering if anyone else is like this.

I really really enjoy playing my friends on Street Fighter. One of my friends is exactly at my level of skill. Sometimes he wins, sometimes I win…just a great time when we play Endless matches. I laugh at my mistakes, no hard feelings when I lose…so what.

When I started Street Fighter none of my friends had the game, so I was playing ranked matches most of the time. Some miracle happened and I got above 1,000 PP; told myself I’d never play ranked matches again. Well this morning I got on and said, “Hey, I’ve been practicing with my friend for at least a month now with a bundle of characters; I can handle ranked matches now.”

I hop on some ranked matches, fight people who have lower PP and BP than me…and I lose. I lost 5/5 matches before I called it quits. There goes my PP to some people that don’t deserve it(in my eyes they don’t, but they won fair and square). My heart was racing through the whole matches; I couldn’t concentrate! I could barely execute a medium kick into hadoken! How is this happening? Someone who mains Viper couldn’t even do a basic combo with Ryu!?

I lost to an Ibuki my first match. He/she was a good player. Good combos, resets, pressure…just a solid player. I don’t mind losing to that. Then my second match was a Ryu player; spamming uppercuts, random ultras…that kind of Ryu. Now that I mind losing to. I know I can read a Ryu player like that easily…but somehow I cant? After that it just went downhill… Am I getting mind-fucked or something?

I know my main problem is that I have absolutely no clue how to block. Everytime someone jumps in on me they get a hit…which leads to a combo. I have great execution and timing, but my blocking is worse than anyones! My buddy picked up Street Fighter for the first time and he had better blocking than I did.

So in closing I have a few questions:

  1. Are you guys like me? Chill on Endless battles but crack under pressure in Ranked?
  2. Is it even worth playing Ranked?
  3. How can I improve on my blocking?
  4. Should I stick to one character(Viper)? Or play about four or five? (Viper, Sakura, Ryu, Ken, Gouken)

Thanks for your help.

Sooo glad you posted this.
I’ve been learning the game for about 2 months and blah blah blah similar story.
My friend who has 5000bp n what not, I can do fine against him in many of my characters when we play alone.
As soon as we go in an endless lobby and open it up I just cant do anything and my heart becomes untrackable lol. Even against my friend just knowing people are watching and I fall apart haha.
Same goes with just normal ranked matches and thats why I have only played a handful of them so far. Losing to just plain awful people, and it makes me feel worse since I know I can do better.

I would say play ranked if you want to achieve some sort of self-acomplishment ( Yes 2000bp thats what I wanted for myself! - That sorta thing lol)
Im gonna aim for ranked at some point to get 1000bp on a few characters :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh and even I want to play about 5 characters but im trying Hard to narrow it down :frowning:

I do worse in Ranked and online in general. Playing online makes me more nervous than playing someone in person usually. Not that I’m good to begin with.

A common trick for ‘scrubby’ players if you will is to get a jump in then sweep. Even if they don’t do that it’s always a good idea to crouch block after a blocked jump in. I don’t know Gouken well, but Viper, Ryu, and Ken all have anti air specials which are pretty good, and Sakura has cr.fierce which works as a good anti air, you just need to train yourself to do these on reaction to jump ins. That’s one of the benefits of picking one character to focus on. As for improving blocking, you can try playing some matches where you block everything you can and only do damage by punishing mistakes (blocked specials that are unsafe, etc). This should also improve your ability to bait things.

The thing with the blocking is I have a nasty habit of blocking low…every time. Even when I see someone jumping in, I block low. I know I have to block standing up, but its just something that I can never seem to apply in my game.

Go to a tournament, after that online won’t mean shit.

Ranked doesn’t mean anything. BP aren’t any measure of how good a player you are because there are players with thousands of BP who suck and players who don’t have many BP that are actually really good. But people tend to pull out cheap/dirty tricks on ranked because they’re worried about BP. Play to improve, not to get BP.

practice your block strings. I agree with Grog, get you feet wet in a tourney. That way, you’ll get used to the pressure & you won’t even worry about playing online.

The first tournament I ever went to in my life was EVO2K10.

Everything changed after that.

Oh I’d love to go to Evo or a tournament, but I’m not sure any tournaments are held in Phoenix :expressionless:

Phoenix is a big city, just check the Phoenix thread and the tournament section and just look for what’s around, it doesn’t even have to be a major just something small with 20ish people and you’ll still get the “nervous metldown” that happens on your first one. After doing that though, playing online will pale in comparison and you’ll play that better, and in the long run you’ll get better.