NES Advantage Mods?

Like many people here I grew up with the NES Advantage, but have found many buttons and sticks that outperform those stock parts. Can anything made by Seimitsu, Sanwa or Crown fit in the case?

I doubt it, but I enjoy being surprised. The next project on my radar is to order one of these:

And follow these directions to convert it for NES use:

I believe these cases are thin as shit (like 1 inch, maybe 2), so no arcade buttons would fit/.

Maybe a Seimitsu PS-15?

Wow I didn’t know about those buttons. They’re about 10mm shorter than normal Sanwa 30mm. I kinda want to order 1 just so I can play around with seeing if it’ll fit into sticks that are too thin (SNES SUPER Advantage also has the problem of being too thin). When I’m not feeling lazy I’ll take some measurements, but I think those would fit when it comes to depth. You could probably dremel if the holes aren’t wide enough.