NES Controller Hack for the Sega Genesis


I saw Videos on YouTube about Hacking NES Controllers for the Master System/Atari 2600/7800

But the Genesis is hard to do with the Multiplexer Chip, I ask here…I knowpeople here for Mod fornewer systems,

I know it work only for 3 Button Games


What are you trying to make?


Well a NES Controller on the Sega Genesis for one


Are you going to be adding the 3rd button to the controller somewhere? I’m just curious about the functionality, or is it just a preference for the controller style?


I can see thin being done for the Sega Master system, The NES pad is better than the SMS pad.
I don’t fully see the point on the Genesis. Especially how rare the original NES controllers are getting.

I rather get a Toodles FG Widget adapter and my my own converter.


Select would be used as the Genesis “A” button

Well for starter to will work for 3 Button Games only


My god he ruin a NES2 Dogbone controller.


Seems like a waste of time to me.