NES games on PS3

Don’t know if any one knew about this so theres a way to play old nes games on ps3 without modding the ps3 or making it into linux. Problem is there is no sound but the games still works great i tried it out my self had no problems.

Link -

have you tried the emulators?

uumm , link closed , any other link? plz

This is the Java hack. It was patched in version 2.5x last year, so it’s old news.

Or you can learn some Linux and do what I did:

The best way right now would be to just install a linux distro on it. either ubuntu or yellowdog. They both recognize the ps3 controller as a gamepad so playing the games wouldn’t be a problem. Or you can try to more recent PS2 ISO loading hack but unfortunately that only works with the launch 60 GB consoles with the EE (Emotion Engine)