Nes World Championship cart over $98,000 and going up on ebay


The super rare fabled holy grail of video games started at 5000 dollar bid and is over 98,000. Crazy since the last few that sold on ebay went for 8-21k. Apparently this is the motherload for game collectors, but who expected it to reach almost 100k. The bidding started a few days ago.


Wow. That is in incredibly shitty condition.

It’s quite possible some of these are shill bidders to jack up the price and to make people desperate enough for it to pay way more than they should.


Considering that only 121 were produced, one being up for sale at all is a miracle in itself.

However, the description doesn’t make it sound that great. It’s like people paying 10,000-30,000 a bottle for 1890’s French wine but are not wine connoisseurs, and don’t know the difference between a knockoff, crappy wine, and a vintage bottle.

It’s probably some guy with lots of money buying a rare item, but does not care about the cultural significance of the cartridge or even play video games.


I would say its a few rich people trying to get it if you look at the bidding history.


It says DreamTR used to own this copy, Jason Wilson.


People with too much money to spend ruining the game collecting hobby once again.


Here is one in better condition, I wonder if it will break 100K?


LOL I read this on Yahoo news and Google news yesterday when it was only like 20,000


shrug Meh, I’d be happy with a gold copy of Zelda.


still think its a waste of money, i rather have little samson for nes, and shantae for gameboy color.


That is a steep price for nostalgia. I can make a arcade man-cave and still have money left over for decent car on that budget.


Couldn’t someone simply make a copy for like 97 cents, use it as a frisbee for their dog, let it sit in the basement, and sell it for 100 stacks? Rick Harrison goofs all the time.


It’s pretty easy to tell a fake NWC from a real one. They pop up a lot while a real one pops up once in awhile.


I should put up my Sonic the Hedgehog 2 cartridge on Ebay too since my cousin tore off the cover label and wrote jack@$$ on it when we were little. I can put it as rare and authentic.


You can buy the reproduction cart. As a gamer, I’ll I can say the nes championship cart as little to no gameplay value what so ever. At least little samson on nes is around 600, but it has more game play and least it has a ending and a story. And its a game I would most likely play a lot. shantae on gameboy color is like 300 but again, at least it has gameplay value. If I had a nes world championship cart I would sell it right away, why cause all it would do is sit and collect dust


Damn, It sold for$99,902.00
I like to collect games but there’s a limit.


The AVGN review basically sums up how this game works.

AVGN Review


I don’t understand as to how this thing’s value is this high.
We all know how rare it is, but shit…

I still remember selling my old Nintendo Power issues not long ago.
When I was a kid, I didn’t care much for them, so I had all the posters, never opened the letters, etc. When I sold each issue, one of them had an unopened letter to submit a message in trying to qualify for this event. The issue went for about $150. Kinda nuts, since it’s basically worthless now.