Nestle vs Hershey's vs Mars Inc

The 3 Kings of Candy Chocolate. Which one do you think is best? If you have forgotten who makes what here’s a list of some of their candies.

Nestle Crunch
Nestle Crunch Mocha
Nestle Crunch White
100 Grand
Kit Kat

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate
Hershey’s Almond
Mr. Goodbar
Almond Joy

Mars Inc.
Mars Bars
M&Ms Peanut
Milky Way
Snickers with Almonds

Mars hands down for me, though I don’t really eat chocolate much anymore. Aside from Reeses and Kitkats, I don’t care much for the other two companies.

Mars and Nestle both for me. I love Mars for their caramel and chocolate, but for milk chocolate, Nestle has good cheap chocolate.

Cadbury beats all

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Based solely on going to each site, I was severely disappointed and will retract my vote for Mars Inc.(Never knew they were the people behind all the shit they actually own/make) and give it to Hershey’s ONLY on site alone.

Mars Inc. and Nestle look like something made out of googlepages and represent a try hard company rather than fun and delicious candy. It sucked the life out of me.

American chocolate tastes like what I imagine chemical waste would taste like


All the way.

As I see it.

a little bit of each actually.

How the fuck can anyone eat any of that shit and call it chocolate?

Have any of you had Swiss chocolate?

Hell, even the Brits’ Cadbury’s beats the living piss out of the trite shit we have here.

As I see it.

PSSS Cadury got taken over by Kraft, but the recipe hasn’t changed. Plus Kraft have brought out a new bar called MILK, and it is deeeeelicious!


Goddammit, I need to try Caramilk one of these days. I hear it absolutely shits all over our US equivalent: Caramello.

well of those companies i like hershey’s cookies and cream the best, but i rarely eat candy bars. only time i really eat chocolate is if someone has a bowl of bitesized ones out and hershey kisses are also the best of the bunch for those three so i guess i got to go with hershey. my favorite “chocolate” is the lindt white chocolate truffles.

Marabou for milk chocolate etc, Lindt / Anthon Berg for dark chocolate

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Yo mods where you at?

Mars and Nestle

My parents once brought me back a little box of chocolates from paris. Holy shit were they good.
I agree, that cheap fast food “chokolate” is barely chocolate, its more candy if you ask me.
I would take a bar of 70% dark chocolate over any vending machine candy bar.

Voted Mars because I like M&M peanuts.

It appears Nutrageous was left out here…that’s from Hershey’s.

I had to go with Mars here; it just has slightly more legendary things-- M&Ms, Twix and Snickers are basically unbeatable in the candy/candybar rankings.