Nestor bid's farewell to the EC

Well this is pretty much to make it official. As I stated in the team hate thread while I was in Hawaii for the lovely wedding of Ernest and Alicia, I recently met my girl the current love of my life and we are inseparable now and i have relocated there now. This is all kinda sudden, it saddens me to leave my home but it feels right to start over right now.

Sorry to any of my homies that are mad, and fuck all the people that laughed me off and didnt believe me. They quickly came to tears when they were proven so wrong by the pictures. Hope to see all my niggas at EVO World, ill def try to make it to that just to chill just like old times.

Special shoutout the New England crew its been fun chillin and playing SF all these years.

MANGO FUCKING JOHN owns the jungle!

good luck nestor hope everything goes well for u my nigga

hatemode bitches chea!!!

:’( see you around pal

Dude! Good luck in Hawaii! But I’m still going to bug you for rides to TGA, no matter where you live.

PS: Puerto Ricans are lazy, Michael!

Nestor, congratulations on your move. Keep beasting in life!

Guess I’m glad I met you before you left, too bad we couldn’t play some more. Have fun in the sun.

good shit nestor. wish you the best

We didn’t start getting along until recently, but good luck with your girl and at your new location. I wish both of you the best.

Good luck son hope you and your new girl have baby diago couchado.

What’s gonna happen to ed???

good shit nester go do your thing will meet at evo hater shades on i never new sage was nester hahaha

wtf :frowning: ill miss you bud

Everyone’s crying in this thread so I think I’ll follow suit. :sad:

Good luck Nes. I told you hawaii was dope:tup: . I’ll see you there next year

I’m never going to get my keychain now you bastard!

Good luck and enjoy life Nestor, hope to see you at Evo World man.


I met you like 5 days ago and now you’re already gone. Yeesh. Well hopefully someday I’ll get to RUSH SHIT DOWN with my pink Sean. See you down the road.

Hey Nestor, I know we’ve lost contact over the years. I’m glad to hear that you’ve settled down. My gosh, it’s been 7 years since I’ve known you now, about the time MvC2 came out. I’m glad things are working out for you. Perhaps when I visit Hawaii, I can swing by to say wassup, if that’s cool with you that is. Just make sure you know what you’re doing Nestor, I know you’ve very level headed and all, but love is blind, it’ll make you do things that are crazy, but regardless what I say, I’m sure you have already made up your mind. So all I can say is congratulations and best of luck to you Nestor, with you great fortune and eternal happiness, take care man, you’ll be miss in the New England region, you’re a legend around here, peace bro.

first to 100 for $1 on the evo stage, no backing out now!

looks like i’m going to have to come back hell river


GL man.