Nestor bid's farewell to the EC

Much respect to Cap N I expect to see you at Evo Worlds.

I can’t believe this shit. You leave all random and shit. Everyone is leaving a good luck post but i’m leaving a HATE post dammit. DAMN YOU NESS!!!

Nah im messin around. good luck man. But seriously. You leaving is gonna make me train even harder. Now im on a mission to kill. So i must thank you actually. But if you ever come back. Be prepared for HELL! Cause I love to rape for fun!

I am longer a “Carl” with you happily in love. Hehe!
Now the killing begins.

Good luck to you Nestor.

I guess you sitting on the WC side at Evo this year will be official now. heh heh

Nes - too bad I haven’t had much time to hang with you this week because I’ve been so sick after the wedding. I’m feeling better now so let’s get together one more time before Alicia and I head back to Boston.

We await your return, warrior.

Nestor still owes me $300 bucks from last EVO…FUCK!!!

owned:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I was looking forward to playing you at TGA someday.

GL in Hawaii… there’s always Hawaiian Brians to play at.

Peace, holla at me good luck and good wishes


ok seriously.

i wish you all the best, you were always a cool guy and i hope you finally found what you’re looking for over there.

but seriously.

…give me my MONEY!

Good to see you moving up and moving on. “Rush Your Girl Down”

Man, wtf you can’t leave me Nes. Nigga if you in Hawaii then I’m coming to Hawaii too.

best wishes to you and your mamasita!See ya at evo world.It will be my 1st time good luck with everything:tup:

Best of luck with everything!! I was hoping we could all chill @ Evo East, but alas…lol If you make it out to Evo World, see ya there! :slight_smile:

good shit ness and best of luck

u lucky u aint got to deal with the snow anymore
keep playing and take over the game scene there

Hey yo, its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanna say to the ORIGINAL “RUN AWAY GOD” himself to be good overthere kiddo. Like all of the other people you have made friends out of, I wish you the best lad. For your best interest, it would be best to keep in touch wit me bro! You know I don’t play that bullshit- hey lets game it up 1 year, then all of a sudden wow I gotta girl now so I gotta dissapear trash! FUCK THAT!! Anyways I hope this girl is worth it man, you know how women trap you wit that bootay, and that HAMMA!! Anyways Ive been lookin for a reason to come to Hawaii, now it looks like Ive found my reason and some. Time to crack some hawiian headz and get some HHH (Helluva Hawiian Hamma) ! lol Take care bro and keep in touch.

Juan a.k.a…VDO

Pryde: Thanks man, but really you didnt have to sticky the thread. Lets hang out when i visit man, peace.

Phil: I dont owe you any money, i wasnt going to evo and you bought me a ticket without asking. how about we money match in MvC2 for 300, BET IT.

VDO: that hamma everynight, cant ask for more. see u around lad.

Cockman: Im gonna miss talking shit to you, fuck it ill still do it. YOU SUCK BITCH

Eric L: come down man, lets party i know all the hot spots now.

im getting lazy, to all the rest of u thanks for the support. If u all need anything from over here let me know.

WTF? SURE I bought you a ticket WITHOUT ASKING…

…are you for real???

Hey yo, its me, its me, its LTG (LAG TACTICS GOD) snaake here.
I am the lieek the bestest ever ever I rock them sunglasses at night yo :cool:

err…good luck soldier salutes :karate: