Nestor bid's farewell to the EC

Good battling you on ST at Final Round…seems like I need to dust off my rust and get back in the game :smile:

Just remember where you came from Nester. BOSTON. Your a fucken bostonian and bostonians don’t take shit from people.

Theres an old saying, “We bostonian’s ain’t fucken rude, mean, cocky, or assholes, you mother fuckers are just soft.”

You dirty mexican!. i’ll see your scruby ass in Vegas!:tup: Make sure u make it punk:mad:Kimmicks and I are prob…gonna hit them tables and clubs.Don’t be scur to come with us.I also gotta kick ya around in sf3:wink:

ps: bring me two hot blondes with big boobs for evo

hell yeah thanks for posting that mukai. my vhs copy is worn out i didnt know bbj was on youtube. “who the fuck hit me?!” “batman motherfucker!” :rofl:

jelly kelly is god!! this is to good [media=youtube]NDN1TlzFn3w[/media]

Sage DONT DO IT!!!

Casarse its a TRAP!!!

Jeje just kidding buddy, good luck in your new life. …hoping to see some nestors juniors around here soo:wink: n.

I hope to have your understanding very soon, Nestor. I am near it, but my time isn’t there yet.

I totally respect what you’re doing, dude, so keep rockin.


sorry you had to settle for a "biological"girl, make the best of it ;p

Mad respect, Nestor. Keep beasting, my nigguh.

And I hope nothing comes between you and your girl.

The best of luck to you with the rest of your life, and hope to see you soon.


Pete aka Baltimore Pete… or whatever my name is now…


Good luck, Nestor. Go easy on the poi, eh. :bgrin:

I already knew about the april’s fool stuff; a friend of mine told me about it.