Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


Im hoping the patch fixes the pc desynch. Got a pretty nice computer too and stick to PS4 cuz PC version rollsback heavy after 10 seconds into every fight.

I even played against my brother online in the same room and the ps4 version would run fine while I would be teleporting all over the place on the pc right next to him


Just a thought, but if you are having that much problems on PC SFV there may be some port issues at hand. It’ll explain how some games can be smooth while SFV runs like shit… I had the same issue with Rainbow Six Siege on PS4… For some reason I had less than optimal experiences with that game over others… some router tweeks and port changes per their website fixed everything.


Whose website?

I’ve gotten 100% teleporting either because I moved to a new place or because the latest update.


so why the fuck the game is keeping the NPCs in sync or whatever it is doing that makes them go crazy during lag

those are valuable packets that could be used to keep better track of the opponent!


I’m having lag problems since my new ISP. My 5 bar matches start okay but then start teleporting after 2-5 seconds.


Capcom reaffirmed to us that they will continue to improve their network infrastructure this year:



From the post translation it looks like they are also doing special stuff for SF anniversary… hope they’ll make it great again.


After how much worse the online gets after every patch and server maintenance they do, I’d hate to see how much worse it gets once they “improve” it.


I can’t read Japanese but according to a recent interview for Famitsu they’re going for a major overhaul of their server structure and not just an “improvement”. Indeed if the translation is correct they are rather saying “last year was shit, we’re gonna try making it gud”.


This would seem like mighty fine info to be released in English… maybe tomorrow or after the holiday on Tuesday.


I’d prefer to see a legitimate translation before jumping the gun on anything


Translation sez

All who live are born to die

True Capcom way!!


Capcom owes me some points. They deranked me to rookie when I was an ultra gold and won a few games as “rookie”. I then got my rank back, however, Well… those points didnt count.


and no i did not rage quit. I got deranked in between a run back


The netcode and online functionality gets worse and worse with every “maintenance” fix. Capcom is a bunch of clueless people. It’s a pathetic excuse for a development company.


90% of the people I play online don’t use the training stage. I think the stages with more going on don’t help the rollback situation. Add in shit pc’s/wireless Internet and you’ve got yourself a mess.


Every time i get into ranked its terrible connection even 5bar only


Some days all I get are 3 bar connections. Kind of a weird thing. No 4 or 5 bars. Anyone else?


Weekend wifi warriors lmao


*Thanks to the efforts by /u/l2edford, he managed to get something from John D (“Left behind” guy). Keep in mind that this is not an official statement by Capcom (that’s why I put it in quotes in the title) :

“One-sided rollback is something that is on their radar and they are currently researching the causes and fixes. I can’t speak to what the timeline for approval is (i do know but can’t officially say), but please know that the dev team is listening to feedback and are continuing to work on these issues.”

We posted some examples in the /r/kappa thread, but if you have some more examples of one-sided netcode, please tweet them to John D. The ones where the same match is recorded by both sides are especially useful.*