Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


Stages including training stage all have the same performance on the PS4, training stage does not do any better or have less drops. Also, the longer your PS4 is on, the worst its performance gets, maybe a memory leak or something, but that explains why PS4 mirrors can get out of sync when one PS4 has been on longer and is dropping frames more frequently.


There should be no way a China connection ever reaches ping levels to manage 5 bars with me.


So basically, I was correct.

If you WEREN’T implying that the ‘core networking is solid’, then your statement has no purpose. Your intention was to essentially make the statement “So once they fix the HUGE problems, then they fix the SMALLER problems, there’s no reason to complain!” What a profound statement. Thank you for enlightening us.


Maybe if they would promise to fix the issues or would even ACKNOWLEDGE THEM we wouldn’t be so pessimistic.


does anyone know what those highlighted icons are?
i asked haunts on Twitter nicely about it, but he didn’t answer.

the added text is speculation on my part, but whenever i get the 3 dots, the match is unplayable every single time (DBZ teleports).
also the connection shows up as 1 bar in the rematch screen, but when we return to lobby it’s back to 5 bars.
i pinged my friend and we had stable ping less than 5ms.

if the set starts with the other icon (2 dots joined directly) in Versus Screen, there’s not problems the entire first to 10 set.

i observed this problem only in Battle Lounge so far, Ranked seems to be fine.


you dont have to tell me that, i made a petition to try and get them to acknowledge the issues but no one signed it and then i got temp banned from r/sf from trying to push it too obnoxiously

everyone seems like they would rather sit and bitch individually than combine their efforts to at least have the best chance to get a response from capcom

nah lets just make another topic/post about how ass the netcode is lolololol

besides that like i said i have seen improvements to the netcode with the last patch so work has to be getting done on it which gives me a little faith but yes its still very frustrating

@Aquashark highlighted icons show whether or not its a P2P connection or a dedicated server mediating the connection. dedicated servers are ass for a genre like fighting games which is why the triple dot always makes matches ballsack


I love how often I hear “PC User’s fault”. The game was made in Unreal, probably for PC first. Like I know Sony slapped their name all over it and everything but it’s probably a port on PS4.


I just want to search lounge by region or connection. :frowning:


You’re welcome.


Indeed. A shame such a basic function is missing when it was there in SF4, especially with how poorly the game show connection and flag when searching. At least in my experience.

In general, SF5 (and imo, most fighting games) are really far behind other genres when it comes to online play and functionality. Maybe it works better for people in US/Japan with a larger playerbase, but I’ve always loved the gameplay itself and struggled/felt frustrated with the online experience for games like BB, KOF13. SF4 has been ok, since it’s less niche, but just something like an ingame chat would’ve improved it a lot.

I’m just going to put this game on the shelf until I hear of fixes. As of right now it just feels like a big timesink that gives me nothing but frustration. Hopefully it won’t take too long, before it’s deserted.


5 bars and people I played with before the maintenance today are now teleporting
Some maintenance


If you really wanna light a fire under Capcom’s ass then just quit playing the game. Seriously. In my experience the game became nothing but worse and worse as time went on. It’s ridiculous how they had something that was at least kinda functional in the betas to having a release version that also gets worse each month. I know that may not be the case for everybody but from my observations it definitely seems to be for the majority. There are fighting games that do work online so I play those. I’ve seen people say they won’t touch kof14 if the online is shit yet they force themselves to deal with sf5 online.


Not a 100% related, but Capcom will implement a system to deal with RQs this month.


Capcom needs to prioritize fixing the netcode before fixing anything else. I can’t stand the fact that there’s one-sided lag. I’ve been on Fightcade for a week waiting for Capcom to make repairs.


They’ll never fix the netcode, they wont even admit there is a problem with it and the syncing issues.


The netcode will get fixed give it time. The game was obviously rushed out. The netcode is obviously unfinished. Let’s not get out of control. The most we can do is tweet Combofiend and call him a dick when we get frustrated so he knows we’re still buttmad. But to say it will never be finished is silly. Even Capcom knows this is not sustainable.


I am beyond fed up with the online on this game. It is garbage. When Ryu does a random EX-Shoryuken and then cr.HK when they were still on their way back down to earth the frame before, shit’s fucked up.
And that’s not even considering those that you outplay in game 1 only for game 2 to look like some 80’s anime with 3/4’s of the frames missing.
I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to play. As Alex, hitting someone with a j.HP (Counterhit btw) and mashing the shit out of st.HP shouldn’t ever result in being throw into the corner. Having your combo rolled back is frustrating and in all honesty makes hit confirming impossible.
If I get a Crush Counter I don’t even go for the actual combo I should be using any more due to how many times rollback has taken it away. I assume everything was blocked or that in fact I got hit instead of what is shown on my screen and that’s just not right.

Oh and by the way - My connections are set to 5 bars only. Not that it actually matters since after the match you can see the connection and it often won’t be 5 bars. I’ve seen too many 1 bar connections when I search for 5 bars only.


I had some good experiences with SFV a couple weeks ago. Some matches were horrible, some seemed good. The last weel though, it seems like every single match has some annoying lag. And it’s bad, because moves won’t come out. I can see it happening to my opponents throwing punches and kicks out where they obviously wanted to do a special. When the online was working it felt way better than SFIV. Now everything I’m getting is frustrating. I’m frustrated when I lose, I’m frustrated when I win. I’m at the point where I don’t know if I won just because the opponent was having rollback. I am just a beginner, I want to learn the game, but like this I just can’t. And the AI is garbage too, so there’s only training mode to play at all? I had some fun with this game, but I might stop playing until I can get a reasonable experience.


@appomo you really think that this is as good as the netcode gets? they have made small improvements to it already. capcom is obviously in this game for the long haul or else they would not have released it in such a half-baked state purely for the sake of allowing competitive players to get their hands on the game and start molding the meta. a year from now none of you guys are gonna be bitching on these forums cos you’ll all be too busy playing online having forgotten how much of a hell hold the first few months of release were.


What are you basing this on? The 0 times they’ve acknowledged the issues and promised to fix it? The 0 times Capcom has gone out of their way to fix netcode issues in the past? NVM to rework entirely when the netcode is complete garbage (marvel)? Do you work at Capcom?

You’re calling us out for misplaced pessimism but it’s clearly the other way around. You have a lot of faith they’ll fix everything for no reason whatsoever, based on no evidence whatsoever.