Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


While there’s been small improvements for a few, the online has been falling apart even more for many. Not exactly reassuring when it comes to Capcom’s ability to fix it.


I would love for Capcom to acknowledge the issue. I created a petition and tried to get signatures for it to force the Capcom CMs’ hands and try to get them to talk about the netcode issue, but I couldn’t get any traction with the petition on here or on the SF subreddit (I was actually temporarily banned from the SF subreddit for pushing the petition too hard, that’s how frustrated I was and how badly I wanted people to sign this petition so we could hear SOMETHING about these netcode issues from Capcom).

My faith that they’ll fix the netcode is based on a several reasons; I don’t “have a lot of faith they’ll fix everything for no reason whatsoever, based on no evidence”.

For one, they have already tweaked it and made it better since release. A lot of matches I used to have that were laggy as balls and unplayable against certain people are now playable. I still have plenty of matches that are bad, but far less. You tend to remember the names of opponents who get you frustrated with the bad connection, so I was pleasantly surprised after the first major patch to see that those same players actually were playable now. Of course this is purely anecdotal and may not be the same for you, so feel free to disregard this initial point – as I’m sure you already have.

Secondly, the PS4 release of USF4 was very similar to the release of SFV. Both games were rushed out and clearly unfinished with a lot of bugs. The PS4 release of USF4 eventually became the best version of the game, overtaking the 360 version, because Capcom continued to patch and tweak and fix the game, reducing input lag, making menus not laggy shit, fixing bugged moves, etc. Capcom has a track record for rushing out games towards the end of fiscal quarters, but they also have a track record of fixing those games down the road. Remember how terrible the transition from GFWL to Steam was for PC USF4? It’s no longer hot garbage. That’s a track record of rushing things out first, and fixing them later – not a fan of that approach, but there’s evidence that is their approach.

Thirdly, Capcom has said over and over again this game is about the long haul. I can’t imagine how they would continue to support this game adding content after content without improving the netcode one bit, especially after we have seen marginal improvements to the netcode already. What world do you live in where Capcom has not continually tweaked literally every SF game to date? Does the Super Ultra Street Fighter V Arcade Edition 2012 Version 2 joke have no merit anymore? These guys have a credible report of supporting the game post launch by continually releasing several updates.

Finally, while I don’t like it, I can understand why Capcom wouldn’t come out and bluntly say HEY YEAH, OUR NETCODE IS FUCKED, WE’LL GET IT WORKING IN A FEW MONTHS…PLEASE BUY OUR GAME THAT REALLY ONLY HAS AN ONLINE MODE. It would likely do more damage to their sales than keeping quiet about the game would, considering that those of us that are complaining have already bought the game and we are complaining in venues where only people who already own the game generally visit. The average consumer isn’t going to get wind of shit unless Capcom themselves opens their big mouths and actually gives average consumer gaming websites a reason to print up a big story titled “Capcom admits its game is fucked up and will be fixed later but they want you to buy it now”. From the perspective of PURE profit motive, I can understand their silence, even if it is incredibly, incredibly frustrating to me personally.



Uh, what? No they haven’t. In fact if you remove your head from Ono’s anus and look around THE THREAD YOU ARE POSTING IN a lot of people are actually complaining about having a WORSE online experience lately. They fixed a few server issues that were making the game literally unplayable, maybe, but that’s it. We’re still getting 2 bar matches when setting it to five only, we’re still getting matched up with people halfway around the world on different hardware, we’re still playing teleport fighter five whenever the game feels like it. There have been zero positive improvements to the netcode since release.

LOL. Ok. This is where I stop reading. No. Not even close. Not even remotely close. USF4 was a finished game. Whatever quality of life improvements they made are NOTHING compared to the amount of work that needs to go into SF5 to even call it a finished game. The two aren’t even comparable, much less ‘very similar’. Since you’re committed to leaning on things that are completely false to prevent yourself from admitting we’re right, I’m done with you.

We bought the game. We have a right to complain. You have no right to tell us we shouldn’t.


I’m with Streetfarterfive on this one.
Nothing Capcom has done in the past warrants the belief that they will do shit better in the future.

Every “fix” we got so far for Street Fighter V was just as half-assed as the release was.

Oh yeah you get 8 man lobbies:
Then they put in fucking 8 man lobbies but kinda forgot to give the 6 other persons that are not playing anything to do, forgot to put in a ping filter, forgot to put in a chat box so you can talk, discuss and make friends and when you look for a lobby yourself, you can sit there for 5 minutes until the the wheels stop spinning so they can tell you that you have ? ping to 18 hosts and 2 of them are sitting in Japan with 1 bar while you’re playing from Europe. GENIUS!

We present you character trials and tutorials:
Give us lazy ass trials with combos that are not even close to bread and butter combos for the most part and can be done in an evening, plus great video snoozefests that are boring as hell and don’t tell you nothing about your character’s option except that you have an invincible reversal.
Poverty games like GG Xrd and Killer Instinct on the other hand explain newcomers all there is to their game system by actually letting them play these scenarios and even crowdfunded games with low budget like Skullgirls do that shit a ton better.

And this is shit they actually acknowledged and it still came out as half-assed crap. What do you think what they will do about the stuff they didn’t even say will be fixed?
So what makes you actually think that they will do better with the netcode? Have they ever fixed any netcode of any game? Even that fucking Steam transition of SF4 wasn’t fixed by Capcom but rather by Valve who made an update to the Steam client that made USFIV and SSF4 AE fucking playable.

Don’t get me started on those lazy ass Ryu and Ken story costumes that look like Ben Stiller is doing a flashback scene where he is 14-years old again.

Yeah sure this guy is a teenager!

On top of that the fucking terrible UI, loading times, 0 functionality CFN and so on and so on.

Really the only thing good about the game is the game itself and at least they got that right, right away otherwise this game would be hopeless.


No one knew Mortal Kombat was going to fix its ass net code that was clearly worse than Vs, but they eventually did. I wasn’t going to wait a whole year for good netcode so I dropped the game after a couple months (on top of just not liking the game at all)


idk if i would use a pic of the delusional fantasy of a dude who had his head stuck so far up his own ass that he didn’t notice a zombie apocalypse to tldr a post like yours
im just saying, poor picture choice


@Chatshire HE SURVIVED.

@Streetfarterfive They have made small fixes. The servers don’t mean shit when it comes to a P2P connection. They had to directly address the netcode. And the similarities I’m drawing between PS4 USF4 is that PS4 USF4 was a broken shitty mess that became great after they fixed it over a few months. I’m not talking about how “complete” the game is, features wise.

@ArtVandelay How often are you gonna post that picture?


Lolol 2 rounds of this, I couldn’t control my char :dizzy:


I had that happen too.


so i had this problem… I disabled the SPI firewall from my router and now the game works perfectly with my fellow countrymen and great in Europe overall.

i’m scratching my head here because the ports used by SF5 were opened, namely:

[] TCP: 80, 443, 20002, 30840, 30850, 30870
] UDP: 30840-30859, 30870-30879
oh well… if you have a similar problem maybe this would help you


Sigh… Another bout of crappy matches making me not want to play the game for another few days.
From what I can gather, the person with the better connection seems to get most of the rollback as the game rolls back to where they were, not where they were on your screen.
I’ve got a couple of matches recorded of me hitting someone only for the game to turn around with “No, Karin’s st.HK is only one frame and it goes back in time and stops your button from connecting”. I wish I was exaggerating but I slowed down one of the recordings to go through frame by frame and Karin woke up, stood still and then got grabbed by a Power Bomb, and then suddenly st.HK came out and I was crush countered out of my meaty Power Bomb set up.
Or when as Alex you use MP-Flash (+3) and go for st.MP straight after and they some how manage to jump out despite the fact that they should be able to.

I hate it because when I have good matches, they are amazing. If I find someone that has a good connection I want to sit there and play them all day, win or lose. But playing against 10 people over the space of an hour and having even half of them do the teleport dance makes me not want to play at all.

Also - Playing against a Laura who knows that they lag is hilarious. My screen = Charging Fireball. Their screen = Already jumped. My screen = Anti Air st.LP. Their screen = Already landed into command grab.

Much fun.
Such salt.


So in the Guile update I read they they plan to improve match making by loosening the search restrictions. This baffles me. If anything the restrictions need to be tightened. They’re obviously loose enough as is with people getting any level of bars with it set to search for 5 bars only. As well as people getting matched to any country except their own.


Quit matching me with players from another continents pls. ty


What the fuck is with the dropped lounge connections before game even starts…?


So while the connections that some of us have been getting are questionable at best (While set to 5 bars only) they’re going to make the match making LESS restrictive?
I actually wouldn’t care if when it’s asking if I want to join a match/joining a battle lounge I could see the actual ping. Telling me something is “5 bars” may as well be saying it’s between 0-500 latency.


They need to address the game’s high base input lag and why they increase delay online despite the fact that they also use rollback.


Right? I can see how in Europe a country-specific system would be really bad because they’re so close together and you’re really dividing communities, but I’m from NA and I keep getting matched with people OVERSEAS. Honestly though they’ve been so oblivious through this entire release it wouldn’t surprise me if they THOUGHT they’d implemented a working regional matchmaking system.

Not to mention the fact that you simply CHOOSE YOUR OWN FLAG from any country you want making that system of identifying regions completely useless.


This has got worse in the updates, I used to just get Aussies , but now I’m getting Japan, Malaysia way more often.


I think I understand why it prompts for 1 bar matches when you set it to 5.

It polls it twice, the jitter on the connection between the first time it finds a match and when it pops up
and shows the connection status differs. Causing it appear to be worse than it actually is.

I tested this by accepting all 1 bar connection yesterday, they were all from Europe, Netherlands, Germany, France etc.
countrys which I normally get a 4-5 bar connection.

Also I think resolution scaling setting on the PC might desync the netplay… not sure I’m still testing it out.


Wish they brought back SF4 netcode, this game somehow has worse rollback garbage than that game