Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


this netcode
is absolute

and seriously?
region filter
you can make a ps/pc filter but not region
fucking retards


Okay I had to stop for now. Enough with the fucking China players.


What happened to online? Can’t login. Before that got kicked out after the first round like a rage quitter.


I quit against anybody laggy. If it lags as soon as the match starts I’m gone!

But if the lag shows up at the middle or end I’ll just play it out. I don’t want to look like an RQer but if I quit before either of us gets hit it’s not an RQ!


Honestly as long as you quit in the first ~30 seconds or so of the round it’s not really a RQ. I’ll leave as soon as it becomes evident that the game is unplayable.

I’m pretty upset that they’re implementing a timeout feature before addressing the garbage netcode for this reason. Now when the game decides I deserve to be matched with someone from china or some shit despite me taking every available precaution to avoid it I’m just supposed to waste my time and stay in? Or else I risk getting timed out? Can I have my money back yet?


I love the way you can search for games that last 60 seconds ( because who the fuck does that?) but not for the guy that lives on the same street as you.

Battlelounge is really only good for people you know. We had to set up a Facebook group in our city just to tell each other when we were playing.


The netcode is good. Everything else surrounding the netcode such as matchmaking and displaying match conditions is absolutely terrible.


i play my friend
sometimes its smooth
sometimes its ass
sometimes its both in the same session

we are both running consistent mb/s


I still am a bit in disbelief that America has surpassed Japan in quality online play with both KI and freakin MK. MK???

What the f is Japan doing. They’re supposed to be much smarter and have a better work ethic than us. Makes no sense.


Japan is weird in that they are innovative, but at the same time held back by sticking with heavy traditions and not as open to changes in way things operate. I hear especially in their work force its really hard to be flexible and the boss might as well be a family member.

SFVs netcode is still better than the majority of other fighting games. MKX didn’t do anything with their netcode which they got royally bashed for until after SF announced they were doing rollback. Coincidence? Probably not.

Barring some glitches that need to be fixed id still rather play SFVs netcode over most of the stuff thats been out. Its more glitches and lack of optimization holding back the netcode.


You people on the rollback bandwagon always say this when some turd fighting game with rollback is released. If it’s poorly executed 100% of the time, maybe the source is the problem.


Even when sf5 connections were at their best for me I always felt that they still never held a candle to Skullgirl’s netcode or even playing on fightcade\ggpo. Sf5’s netcode isn’t even 100 percent rollback as it also has input delay and slow down for some reason.


There’s just too much stuff going on really, CFN, cross play, fucked up match making , it’s a wonder it even functions.


Left the game for a few days (Nearly a week) due to hating the online for this game. Went on it today and had a grand total of 2 matches before I was done again.
1st match - Necalli with the “Make my st.HK safe on block and/or have less than 5 frames of start up” tech.
2nd match - Cammy who I wasn’t allowed to V-Reversal against. (Got rolled back 3 times)

I really want to enjoy this game but everyone who I know who was playing has stopped because of the online in this game is so screwy. If I try and get my mates to play offline they answer with “Well no one has been playing because the online is so shit so lets play KI instead”.
So I’m stuck with 2 choices - Play the game online or don’t play at all and it’s getting harder and harder to justify even having the game installed. The most amount of matches I’ve been able to play over the past 3 weeks is about 8 and after that I felt burnt out. It’s just not enjoyable to watch your match winning combo get rolled back or eating a full combo even though on your screen you anti aired someone but on their’s you just stood there and took the hit.

I think the worst part is that at first I was having about 1 in 4-5 matches be bad whereas now it’s worse and it’s closer to 3 in 5 matches.
I’ve even run checks to make sure there’s not a problem with my connection while I’m playing but everything appears to be fine.

You have been saying this since day one and I’m glad that the netcode is at least consistent for you but many have been saying, also since day one, that they can play the same person 5 times and the lag/latency/rollback/instant-transmission is different almost every time.
I understand that if you don’t have to deal with it, it seems like less of an issue, but the fact that people who live less than 5 miles apart and are both on stable connections can have multiple issues going from match to match is something that shouldn’t be happening.

Don’t get me wrong, the matchmaking is a travesty. The fact that I, someone from the UK, has been matched up with someone from South Korea when searching for 5 bars only is a joke. I thought the person had just chosen the South Korean flag because it’s cool until I tried playing. The match looked like I had concrete shoes attached to a rubber band and they were bouncing around like they’d been taking Red Bull laced with crack.


reading thru this thread is very interesting to me. I rarely get games with lag but match making takes awhile to happen in between fights. Sometimes i get the same guy 2x in a row.


It is interesting. Lol
My friends that live 2 hours away all act like I’m crazy when I talk about how shit it is because apparently all throughout every beta and up until now they haven’t had one single problem when playing the game online. I find that astonishing.


Are they noobs?


I wouldn’t say they’re noobs, but just kinda average players that aren’t as knowledgeable as they think they are. They’re big fans of Maximilian if that tells you anything . But, surely I would assume that they can tell a good connection from a bad connection.


Is anyone else finding the online gameplay to be significantly worse post-patch? I have people warping all over the place. Now with the RQ mechanism, you can’t even dump out of a game if the connection is terrible without being penalized.


Yes, it’s gotten worse. I played a few casual matches with more warping and delays than before.