Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


I’m experiencing so much lag after the update.
I always search for 5 bars connection only.
When they beat me, it shows the guy now has 1 bar connection on the rematch screen!!! arghhh

This is even with people in my country


This shit has become unplayable online. Every fight is a lagfest. This is with my network speed being 100 down and 15 up.


Where do you live? I play most of my matches without much lag and even people I used to lag with in IV I’m doing pretty good with.


AZ. The gameplay was MUCH better prior to this last patch. I knew I fucking hated Guile for a reason.


I got matched against the same person 16 times last night. Previous day, got matched against the same person for 10 matches straight. I don’t even know anymore honestly


You guys are crazy. Rollback netcode shits on anything with variable delay. The game runs absolutely great for me online when I play people within a reasonable distance.


Update seems worse for me so far. Need a bigger sample size. Cant see me sticking with this past 6 months if it’s a constant battle to get games. Will stick to offline.


It takes me upwards of 40 minutes to find games with good connections sometimes. That’s absolutely ridiculous


I’m surprised the number of people having bad online experiences. Maybe I was just used to SFIV, but 9/10 games for me in V are silky smooth with no noticeable lag. I can find casual/ranked matches in less than a minute and I always set to 5 bars only.


Can you explain why? Having just ONE hit in a match rollback to a block animation makes the game unplayable. Rollbacks that eliminate the startup animation of certain moves making it so you can’t react to them make the game unplayable, same with jump ins. If there are no rollbacks, then there’s no point. It’s not like this game doesn’t have input delay either, because it definitely does, so I’m really not sure where your point can stand, at all.


Go to love the rollback code.

I was playing with sim today and a Ryu player mashed out his CA I saw it and tried to teleported but he got me and it started the animation where it hits me 6 times and was about to kill.
Then rollback. I had teleported behind him and hit him with my BnB and won the round lol


rollback netcode is only good if it is properly implemented, in SFV it clearly isn’t.


Well the problem with input code is that when you go online a large amount of extra frames are tacked onto whatever you play offline. With rollback code even if there is an inherent offline delay, you’re not getting heavy extra delay tacked on when you go online also. It’s closer to the same.

LockM pretty much has it. People like rollback code where you can’t visually see the rollbacks. Which Capcom hasn’t done a great job of yet unless the connection is really strong. Lot of people either just don’t have great internet or just play from far away and it seems that any giveaway starts throwing in very visual rollbacks. As opposed to other netcodes where it’s usually still masked when the connection isn’t optimal


It’s not just the code it’s the match making. You shouldn’t have to wait 5-10 minutes on a match in a brand new game at peak hour.


I wonder if you compare PS4 v PS4 to PS4 v PC if things differ in any meaningful way.
My gut tells me yes but it’s kinda hard to gather good useful info on it.


Online fighting games are unplayable in bad connections regardless of the code. When you have your connected move roll back to block that just means the ping is high. In an input delay game you can’t hit confirm in conditions like that either.

I know the game has input delay, we are talking about the netcode though. In sf4 the variable input delay would change depending on the connection. That would force you to change your timing between matches. I’d rather have the same consistent timing at all times.


Evidently not. I’m not sure if you’ve actually played SF5 but you can be next door to your opponent and both on broadband and still experience rollbacks.

I’ve played a lot of both sf4 and 5 and had far more positive experiences playing online in 4. I never said I was exclusively talking about poor connections. That’s a change you made to the discussion so you could strawman out your argument here.


Maybe in 4 when 1 frame links were pretty essential to gameplay, but in this game you can literally mash out any combo. I’d have possibly rather had rollback in street fighter 4 but for this game based on what I’d seen so far I’d much prefer the sf4 netcode were present in sf5.


You can call it a straw man argument but I’m going based off my experience just as you are. In the good connections I play in I’m not experiencing noticeable rollback. In bad connections I see rollback and all the other things you’ve mentioned. I’m able to hit confirm in both sf4 and sf5 in good connections, mostly with the ny Trista te area. This is why I brought up bad connections and how either game would be bad in a bad connection. Obviously you’re having a different experience.

I do think capcom could have done a better job optimizing the netcode. I also think it would have been smart to give players the option to increase input lag for themselves to negate rollback if that’s what they preferred. It’s an option in many other games that use a similar netcode.

Sf5 may not be very link heavy but that is not the only thing affected by variable input delay. Timing meaty attacks is pretty critical in this game. I really wouldn’t want to have to train different timings on and offline. That’s just my preference though.

You can lol at me mentioning that we are talking about netcode. I prefer rollback over delay, I don’t see why sf5 having delay offline would contradict that. I don’t like it but it is what it is.


Played the game online Friday with 2 friends, fairly local players and they had hardwired connections, both are offline players, regardless the netcode was laggy teleporting hell. A friend came over for offline yesterday and we played KOF XIII, CVS2, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, and USF4. SF5 doesn’t support most sticks on PC so that wasn’t really an option for offline 2 player, my friend has a PS4 and SF5 though, but hates SF5 and refuses to play it offline. I also had no wish to play it offline after playing CVS2, USF4, VF5FS & KOF XIII for many hours, while enjoying their deeper mechanics and much more challenging game play. I can’t really see myself playing SF5 much anymore with the atrocious netcode and dumbed down combo and system mechanics. So i just uninstalled it from my PC about an hour ago and am basically done with the game. I might check the game out again around July 31st when Ibuki drops, but the online is just terrible and the gameplay is to inferior to keep playing it anymore.

I am impressed people still have the patience to wait so long for matches when the netcode is this bad, it just goes to show you the power of brand loyalty. Even the worst, most unfinished product can still keep some players waiting ages for a chance at teleporting rollbacks and masher combos, if it’s a trendy brand. I think the brand is starting to lose it’s luster though and more players will be dropping off in the future. GG’s Capcom 2016.


5000 people at Evo we dropping off lol