Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


So is it mostly pc players having issues? I met a few people that didn’t think running file share programs interfered with the netplay.


I have both but I’ve hardly played the PC version. Without getting too technical there’s just too many variables to run into on the PC version. I should probably give it an extended try though.

You know if you are playing PS4 to PS4, it’s 100% not the hardware , has to be the connection. Just far less things to worry about…and its tourney standard.


But you have to buy a new stick to play the ps4 version… Fuck that shit.

I bought sf5 for ps4 months ago and haven’t even bothered to download it.



More than 90% of the matches I play are fine. 5 bar only, PS4 only, Training Stage, Toronto Canada.

What percentage of the people complaining are PC players who live in medieval Europe?


I was due a stick anyway, plus when you turn up to tourneys you don’t have to be a bum and ask to borrow someone’s!


I’ve played on your frankenstick!

Don’t know how you do it… It’s like trying to drive a car with a blown clutch and brakes :wink:


Ha ha, no that was my old stick! I got the new PS4 TE


I’ve had PC version for a month and haven’t had any issues that I haven’t also had on PS4. Pretty much same so far.


Lol @ people still comparing bad connections.

“My bad connection in SF4/5 is badder than your bad connection in SF5/4!”

Who gives a fuck they are both shitty.


People here are ignoring the fact that the online was perfect for most people until after the server maintenance happened. It’s obviously not their Internet or the hardware they’re playing on that’s the problem. Has everyone also forgotten how that shit happened all the time in the betas? When Capcom had to tweet out every 30 mins about how they had to restart the servers yet again because a lot of people all of a sudden couldn’t play post-server maintenance on certain days? I’m so tired of hearing this shit that it’s the player’s fault for having shit Internet when that’s definitely not the case.


Does anyone know why we don’t have a region setting yet? or a bars setting in battle lounge? I’m so tired of this.


So you’re doubling down on one fallacy with another? Hilarious. No, what I’m saying is not based solely on anecdotal evidence as yours apparently is. I think we’re done here.

Except evo is not sf5…you saw the article on sf5 sales, right? Jesus it’s like logic is kryptonite to you people.


While the netcode isn’t as bad as some people picture it and it actually works pretty good against players within the same region, I’m still baffled at his inability at keeping a smooth game above 100ms of ping. NA to EU connections are usually around 150-200ms, on Fightcade it works like a charm and yet in SF5 you invariably experience rollback. I feel there’s still a lot of work to do in stabilizing less than optimal connections.


I’m not disagreeing that noticeable rollback makes the game unplayable. I just prefer the rollback method over the delay method in optimal connections. I’ve already explained why I feel that way.

Stop being so aggressive lol… It’s like you aspire to be captain of the srk debate club or some shit. Take it easy killer.


Like said above, the netcode is solid when the pings aren’t crazy high. Just smooth things out for less than optimal pings and we gud.


Looking for advice…
With the recent story about input lag, if im playing on a 55" led 120hz would it be better if i switch to my pc monitor but its only 720p 60hz (older cheap Westinghouse lol) but would smaller screen be better for it?


I have 60-100m download speedd and 20 upload, and im having a pretty bad online experience, even worst since the guile patch, is my conection that bad or it is some unexplicable thing? Because i dont know what to think! I’m playing in ps4 and have all ports open


Honestly download and upload speeds don’t really matter. Distance, ping and I guess things like packet loss are all that matter in p2p fighters.


This!! Plus the lounges never update bars so you’re left guessing. Why can’t i filter by connection in lounges? Why can’t i set rooms to certain connections only?

Why is this game such a huge piece of shit?


I check if i have packet loss and i didnt ! And i have lag even with people in my own country, so… How i check if i have bad ping?