Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


I play on ps4 and usually don’t have problems. Funny enough I tried to play on PC and was getting hella rollbacks even in 5 bar connections. Not sure if its because I had the game windowed, was also playing the PS4 version or something else. Gonna try again later tonight to make sure.


I noticed that playing PC vs PC can often result in having one or both connections switching from a p2p to a server/client type connection that makes the game purely unplayable. When you see the two dots and a square in the character screen with the planet instead of the bolt with two dots you can be sure you’ll be seeing your opponent rollbacking hard. I don’t know exactly what happens and what’s the real difference between the two connection types, but I’m sure that one of them is where all the issues come from.


The screen size does not matter. You can try to find your displays on this site but the monitor could be too old:


Yup I also face the same issue. There are also people on steam forum who have complained about the same thing. I dont have this problem when I am playing on PS4. PC vs PC same region games on Battle Lounge are inconsistent for me. Sometimes its good, sometimes its really bad (the square icon will show).

See reddit thread.


I will never trust the 4 bars that the system is telling me anymore. Rollback ninja all day long.


This game is fucking broken. I keep getting people from Asia and Europe joining my battle lounge when I live on the East coast of America. Not a single American has joined my game.


Yeah it’s crazy. I’m on the East Coast too and It’s rare to find American players. Makes me not wanna play anymore until there is some sort of filter for matchmaking


Man I wanna play so much more of this game than I have but every time I go online I feel like throwing up after 3 games.


And like many, many other people have already attested, you are wrong. You can be in the same room as someone and the game is not ‘solid’. You can play one match against someone and have it go perfectly fine, and then the next is teleport fighter 5 with absolutely no change in the networking. That’s not ‘solid’. This isn’t a matter of opinion. You’re just ignoring evidence.


It probably isn’t a netcode issue. I have had almost no problems with this game online using these settings:

Wired connection, 50Mbps down, 10Mbps up

Toronto, Canada

PS4 Only
5 Bar Only
The Grid
Casual or Ranked
Ultra bronze rank

I select continue searching for opponents after a match ends and usually find someone else within an amount of time that I do not notice.

The problems could be regional or platform based because the software really isn’t changing.

The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April
The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April
The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April

The overall PC online experience of SFV from my point of view (and watching my brother “finally” get the chance to play online about 2 days ago) is laughable.

I had eye spasms watching certain stages teleport like crazy in the match while watching my bro play (as well as myself being the player a while ago) and having a stopwatch ready during the “matchmaking” process (NEW RECORD! 8 MINUTES OF WAITING FOR A MATCH TO PLAY AGAINST… THE SAME PLAYER!).

Also, my brother kept getting matched up with the same people for ranked in 5 bar sorted connections, and 90% of the players he faced were seizure inducing (teleport infested matches). There has to be like only 1-3 players that were decent… while 10 other players were garbage in terms of netcode experience.

Keep in mind, my brother actually just started to play ranked matches. He didn’t even play in the high rank section like some would expect for a lot of people to have dropped ranked entirely… like, there were barely any players for him to find even at low ranks. That’s sad imo.


What’s the purpose of choosing the training stage? I mean, I’d understand if you played on or against potato PCs, but you’re playing against people with the exact same machine as you and the stage has zero influence on lag.

The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April
The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April
The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April

The stages cause the frame rate to drop on PS4. It is noticeably bad at times, you can see it stutter.

The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April
The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April
The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April

Faster loading, too. Much less shit to stream or load into memory so it doesn’t take as long.


The game runs amazing on my old PC, even at max settings, the game isn’t VERY optimized, don’t let anyone else tell you it’s not, cause it’s VERY optimized, just like SF4 was.

As for the netcode, it’s solid for me, but amazing when I play with people who are close to me, no complaints here.


Netcode isn’t as bad as laggy stages and 8 frames of input lag even offline, I think they should fix the latter first.


They need to add a region filter that prevents you from connecting to anyone farther than like 2500miles. Playing at like 3amish on SFV I’ve been connected to people in New Zealand and people in Italy. I live in California, both of those places are 6200miles away from me, even with my net, which is quite good, I ping 250 to those places. That’s 15F, of course my game is going to teleport like hell, even with the supposedly built in input delay to hide rollbacks that still adds 11~12F to account for. The rollback on that is stupid, and this is all with a 4~5 connection limit on.

There also needs to be a “similar skill” matchmaking option. I’ve seen ranked matches where it’s a gold vs a bronze level player. This was an option in SF4 matchmaking, I dunno why they didn’t put it into SF5. Of course there is a lot of mechanical things that were in SF4 they didn’t put in SF5


I’m trying to imagine why they wouldn’t have a region filter. I can’t come up with anything.

I don’t think there’s enough players online in this to do a “similar skill”, I’d love to see some numbers in comparison to SF4. Seems like half as much, if that.


It’s “because Capcom” as with many of their stupid ass design decisions in this game.

I would wager there are a lot of people online in SF5, however their matchmaking is so bad that it hides the fact.


It might, PC version has had peaks as high as 1,771 concurrent players alone. Considering that PC made up only ~11% of the 1.4 mil they sold, if steamspy is to be believed. Plus you need to consider that not all players are playing the game online. I think it’d be fair guess there is at least 2500~5500 players playing at any one time. There is probably enough players for a similar skill filter. Adding both filters together a long with a 5 connection required you’d have to wait forever to find a match.

As for the total variety of players, again according to steamspy, there was almost 63,000 unique players playing SFV in the last 2 weeks. USF4 had a peak of 377 and 26,500 unique players. This is the most current PC data.