Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


63000 across both systems worldwide? That’s extremely low for a new release no? Considering populations of the main three regions that’s a piss in the ocean.


Steamspy only tracks PC.


Because they were so confident in their netcode that they thought distance wouldn’t make any difference.


Because fuck the speed of light, amirite?

On top of New Zealand and Italy that I mentioned earlier I also have had these, sometimes multiple times.
Distance from me (aprox), average ping speed to servers in that country and what that translates to in frame data:
Antigua - 3500 miles - 200ms +12F
Japan - 5400 miles -125ms +7.5~8F
South Korea - 5800 miles -150ms +9F
China - 6700 (± ~1200 based on where in china) - 170~270 depending on how far from coast. +10~16F

Yeah, that extra 4~5F delay they supposedly built into the game for rollback (though some of that is v-sync), ain’t going to cover an additional 4~16F of teleporting. This is under the best possible circumstances too, these are servers setup specifically to be pinged and such, god knows what some schmuck’s home internet is. In last 2 days alone this has made up something like 1/3rd of the matches I play thanks to playing at like 2am PST, though I had fairly little trouble finding matches at this hour in SF4 that were full green connections.

I had a thing yesterday where I got matched vs a teleporting ultra gold japanese player. I play 1 match, decline rematch. Repeated this 3 more times since I got matched vs him 4 times in a row.


Yup , once you’ve been matched up with Jimmy Daigo in Japan it’s like flys on shit. The server will just keep sending you back there like he’s the only damn player playing SF5 in the entire world.


The lack of filtering by region has been bothering more and more. I shouldn’t be getting matches with people across the world. Specially in Ranked where people obviously are trying to progress up the ranks and it’s pretty crushing to get someone who’s under ranked and sneaks a win by because you just see both characters teleporting around the stage the entire time.

It’s like your best option is to just rage quit/exit the game in these scenarios. That shouldn’t be something I have to do several times playing the game. Specially since you now risk being locked out for 2 hours


I have been trying to motivate myself to turn on SFV and find someone to play online. And I remembered. The bars are so unreliable. Battle Lounge could not even save me from getting teleports. And detecting what bars or region they are in search lobby is derp as ever.

I know I am a scrub. But don’t shut me down like that man. I want to enjoy playing, even if it gets me bodied 9000 over.


There should be a ping option, bars don’t tell you jack. Is it 5 bars because it’s a consistent speed or is it 5 bars because it’s fast? Should be a multi ping test to make sure that there isn’t a bunch of packet drops.


Well, shit, the experiences of one person are surely enough evidence to make a sweeping statement like that. If it works fine for some people, then there must be no issue at all.

This is unrelated to the topic, but I can’t imagine why people would spend that kind of money on something that can’t even run games well EARLY ON in it’s life cycle. A console should crush everything on release, and slowly perform worse over the years before it is outdated and get replaced. When I saw PS4 stutter and drop frames with ~30 second load times on RELEASE games I knew it was trash.


Has Capcom any plans to further improve the netcode stability?
My Problem is not that the matches are too laggy (to me 1 of 6 matches is unplayable, which is fine for me), i am really frustrated because of the Long waiting times. I live in the North of Germany an am online with a very good internet-Connection but unfortunately w-lan only. To other games this is no Problem (in mkx i usually wait less than 20secs for a match an have pings between 35 and 50). At Street Fighter i had yet 300 online matches. 70% of whom against French Players and less than 10 matches against german Players, but my average waiting time ist between 4 to 8 minutes, sometimes i wait up unto 12 minutes. Is there anything i can do to improve? Unfortunately i am not able to get a internetcable in my room.
and please excuse my poor english


@rantanplan2201 You’re talking about server issues, not about the stability of the code used during matches. People should stop using “netcode” as a magic word for everything pertaining to online play.
And no, Capcom doesn’t have any official plan aside from taking down the servers for a whole working day 2-3 times per month and barely improving anything each time.


Is capcom gonna fix this damn rollback netcode anytime soon? It’s okay maybe half the time then you fight that one person where everything gets rolled back.


@OceanSalt : You´re right, i was indeed confusing the two things as the same. Thanks. So i guess, i have to live with the Long waiting Queues?


Netcode devs have pointed out the various issues with capcoms netcode in the past, you’re delusional if you think it’s fine. The servers were built by one man for over a year so of coarse they’re trash.


I don’t know where I said it was fine, even if I think it’s still better than anything SNK or NRS ever made before last MKX netcode update.



That’s why I only play on PS4 for now. Not touching PC online till they fix.




The whole explanation seems flawed to me. If what he said was true you would systematically experience rollback between machines that have different frame rates or that run the game at different speeds. I had though a lot of matches where you saw the slowdown up until the announcer telling “fight” - as if his PC ran the game slower - and then still run completely lagless. I also tried to max out the graphics on my PC to make the game run slower (around 40-45fps) and played a friend online on 5 bars, he experienced no rollback at all and me neither since the game skipped the required frames.


Perhaps the slowdown was a server-sided situation that occurred to both players, and therefore didn’t interfere with one person being ahead over the other? Maybe the gameplay frame-rate is fixed, in which even slower gameplay shouldn’t cause a disruptive stutter or drop to the rollback experience?

I can say that PC players can experience this problem against other PC users as well.

There’s likely more to it than just what that tweet and others explained perhaps, or something does not seem as specified as it should.