Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


The frame rate is indeed fixed in multiplayer and variable in single player. The behaviour is the same as in USF4 when at least one of the two players was set to fixed: both PCs are actually playing at the same pace, but those who can’t reach 60fps will simply see less animation frames. This effectively ensures that less powerful machines won’t cause any rollback, even if some people reported cases of underpowered CPUs causing lag.
I don’t know where he got the information that the game doesn’t take into account different speeds, but the assumption seems clearly wrong.


Tried playing some SF5 with some friends in lobbies, one of us was always desynced (100% unplayable). Vsync off, hardware more than capable (6600k, GTX 970, 16GB DDR4 RAM), 100mbit+ fibre connections, ports opened, uPnP on, prayed to countless dieties etc. Had the same problems when the game launched, gave up trying to fix it and waited a few months. Still the same shit.

My only way to play the game is through weekly casuals with friends who happen to be close enough to make it regularly. While this is obviously more fun than playing online, I am only able to play this game once a week.

Plays absolutely perfectly offline and the game is fun. Just wish I could play online.


And that means we as PC players are doomed~


Spoilers: PS4 is the same shit. Netcode is garbage and inconsistent on both platforms.


because peeps keep asking for THE most state of the art high end graphics! graphics! graphics! when gaming software has far surpassed current hardware and no one wants to deal with that reality that will eventually cause a industry bubble burst not seen since the Atari 2600 era.


So has there been any fix/conclusion for the people who simply can’t find matches / long queue times?

Setting my technicolor modem to bridge mode helped me out at first but matchmaking still dies on me sometimes and when it doesn’t I still experience heavy one-sided lag.


I booted this game for the first time in like a month, and after an hour on online play I think it’s going to be another month until I even bother trying again. I don’t understand how you guys have the heart and determination to sit through this half assed laggy netcode. Long queue times, one sided lag, rollback, a dumb point system…my hype for this game is dead save for tournament streams.


…the only fix is to not live in medieval Europe where three people bought the game.


Actually there are tons of players in Europe. I would worry more about South America and SEA/Australia…


That’s the thing, there are plenty of players it just won’t match me with any of them. But other players in my area don’t have this problem.


Yeah I was on last night after the NBA finals ended on the East Coast and it was taking like 5 minutes to find matches. I only played 2 matches because it was taking too much time.


This game’s online mode is as susceptible to problems related to hardware lag as SF4 was. Why there is no machine benchmark or any other way to know how the game is running in the other’s guy pc? I played for the first time with a friend whose pc wasnt able to run the game properly and despite the good latency, the game did rollbacks, slowed down and froze all the time.


Definitely better on PS4 than PC for me. I’ve had sessions on PC where every match rolls back heavy even set to 5 bars. This is with very strong fiber connection and a pretty new computer. PS4 I’ll get the occasionally laggy guy, but otherwise good.


I live in Brazil and never had a problem finding matches. I feel it takes no more than a few seconds to find either Rankeds or Casuals.


I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a bait or the exact mentality that capcom hope players have, but you’re being silly. The game is working for some people but it’s a complete mess for others. Been this way since Beta.
Please don’t act like a smart ass when it comes to problem solving and giving advices.


Looks like lag got significantly more frequent since last maintenance. Now I can finally complain like anyone else!
One thing boggles my mind though. If matches are P2P, how can a server maintenance possibly affect the online experience that far? Or did they just change the ping detection and decided that the former 3 bars are now 5 bars?


They’re not always P2P, Capcom rep stated they use a relay third party server to force connections at times, but apparently everyone was too absorbed with tranny discussions to take note of it.


Server relay matches happen rarely and you can spot them by the icons in the characters screen. I’m pretty sure all the matches I play are p2p because those server matches are COMPLETELY unplayable and I only had them in lounge.




Because the server does all of the matchmaking and p2p initialization. If servers are down, how do you expect to connect to people?