Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


Again, I’m not talking about matchmaking but of in-game lag. Theoretically speaking, if the game is p2p then the matches happen between the two PCs until the end when the results will be sent to the server. But you may be right, there could be an issue with the initialization that makes the synchronization wonky.


Ok, a friend of mine confirmed my own suspicions: the ping detection has been fucked up with last maintenance. He never got more than 4 bars with Western Europe (he’s Russian) and now all of a sudden he gets French and Dutch players with 5 bars but still laggy. Playing ranked is gonna be dangerous next weeks…


That’s unfortunate.

To some of us, ranked has been dangerous since launch.


Well this is pretty old but I somehow missed it:

I have a technicolor router and after following that guide I’m now getting matches within 2 minutes consistently. It’s been a godsend because I’ve had issues since launch.

It’s bs that you have to do all this though, I have no issues with other games, just wish I knew about it earlier.


The netcode seems to be getting worse with every update. Or maybe people just know how to exploit it better now?

I’ve noticed things get weird against some PC players (I’m on PS4). I swear I’ve played against players where every roll back goes in their favour. Every single time. I can’t frame trap their wakeup as well as offline, nor can I react very well to any of their stuff. They can tech every throw I go for. So then I decide to start shimmying and low and behold they don’t whiff throw animations very often either. If this is purely just how long the delay tech window is then that is too long imo.

This type of shit makes me wonder about these things -

-The game is running at a different speed on my PS4 compared to their PC
-My character isn’t on screen in their game in the same place it is on my game (which would explain the lack of whiff throw when I bait it with shimmy even though they get a tech every time I do go for a throw.)
-The game on PC has less input lag (which I think has been confirmed)
-The roll back goes in their favour because they fuck with the sync during the game (I heard someone posted a youtube video as to how you do this but I’ve never seen it myself).

This is not some rant because I’m salty from losing. I actually love it when I play someone much better than me as I feel like that’s the only time I really learn anything when I play this game. I just hope the netcode doesn’t continue to get worse.


feels like learning more SFV through online play

PC online = one-sided rollback ready


Does it start to get really messy after 5~20 seconds pass by? That’s usually a sign with one-sided problems, in which syncing issues occur. Sucks some PS4 users have this issue (haven’t heard much about this going against the PC side honestly, but still that sucks and makes me hate the netcode more). PC users get the same thing against not only PS4 users, but sometimes other PC users as well.

There is so much to this that can cause these problems… is it really that hard for them to make the games “sync” properly?


Here’s a video of me doing the Guile combo online. Watch and listen to how the game comes out of sync during the combo. This has happened to me at least 5 times and I’ve dropped the combo because of it, so I’m basically going to drop Guile and main Urien as soon as he comes out. If you can’t use all of a characters tools correctly because of netcode then you really should consider using someone else.

I hope when they get round to making balance changes they get rid of the loop (or shorten it) and give Guile buffs in other areas.


Must be your setup my matches are creamy


I’ve never seen that happen on PS4 or PC. Kinda trippy.

I just started playing on PC again and I can actually get 5 bar connections without the game tripping out again. Not sure if that’s a patch fix or just something with my router. Always plays well on PS4. I’ll play again tonight to see if I get similar results.


I saw something the other night whilst grinding casual matches. I played two or three opponents that are AFK but set their controller to turbo light kick so they can boost fight money (I’m guessing you guys have bumped into a few of them too). What I noticed is that it seems the light kicks being so rapid actually made the game lag. The background to the casino was becoming super choppy. Has anyone else noticed this against these players?


Yep, I run into these light kick mashing bots on casual all the time. I guess since you get experience even from losing they can boost this way. Really annoying.


I enjoy all of the speculative posts by people who are assuming things about Capcom’s code.

Here’s my assumption: The code is half baked and it has a system in place for syncing, but the system itself just sucks or is very limited and kind of shitty or just straight up bugs out and breaks for “no reason”.

The majority of my matches are good.

But a majority is also technically just 50.1%. Some days I’m good, some days it can be very frustrating.

As a reasonable person, I can only assume that the SFV developers understand the weakness of their netcodes.

But as a realistic person I can only assume that the SFV developers are a group of maybe five people who are in charge of various parts of the game and outsource almost literally all the work. So one guy is in charge of the models, and he finds people to outsource the projects to and coordinates with them, then aids in implementing the different models from different artists. Another guy is in charge of the network, and he outsources the job of building the network infrastructure to one place, and the job of engineering the netcode to another, etc.

Just seems like Capcom is trying to put literally as little as money possible into the game so they can get a strong return on their investment. Considering how cheap a fighting game’s budget is relative to other triple A titles that have sprawling storylines and next generation graphics with huge maps and multiple gameplay features, it’s not a far fetched idea that Capcom looks at SFV as a “sustainable quick buck” that they’re going to peddle for the foreseeable future as a cheap cash cow. Maybe that’s just their strategy as a business. Spend as little as humanly possible and rape that effort for as much profit as you can.

Kind of sucks. In a way you gotta feel sorry for the developers. It’s like they’re the guys in the hull of a ship manning the oars and being whipped by the executives, but there’s like, two guys for every six sets of oars, and they’re just getting the shit whipped out of them while all of us stand on top of the ship where we can’t see them and complain that it’s going too slow – which isn’t wrong of us, considering we expected to make landfall about six years ago but are somehow still stuck in the middle of the fucking ocean while Captain Capcom charges us additional fees for taking up space on their vessel for so long.

I can only imagine what it’s like to be a dev, to see this kind of backlash against your labor of love (“fuck DLC, fuck the netcode, fuck ragequitters, fuck the lack of content, fuck this game”), but then also to be completely overwhelmed. To want the best for your playerbase but have your hands tied by corporate greed looming over your shoulder. Ono must be one hell of a dude to put up with this shit, but then when you consider what Japanese culture is like (or so I’ve heard), it sounds like he really has no choice…if he leaves or gets fired he won’t be able to find anywhere else, it’s just a lifelong commitment and if you fuck up you become a pariah that no one wants to hire. So the executives can rape you all that much harder, because you can’t tell them to fuck off for being retarded, otherwise you could be driven to the brink of suicide when you lose your job. Damn.

This netcode shit just got real heavy.


Yeah norcalboxer is one of them


has anyone else had more lag/rollback since the newest patch w Juri came out? I’m getting a lot more rollback




I’m getting less lag even on 4 bars but for some reason all the lag is concentrated on UK players.


it would be naive to attribute it to “worse code” but rather a higher # of randoms playing from wifi or backwoods connections


VF5FS doesn’t have one sided teleporting rollbacks on terrible PS3 PSN even among the worst of wireless players. In VF (or any other game not called SF5) i’ve never seen health be restored after it’s lost, or actual hits that connect get rolled back including their damage, in SF5 i’ve had that happen vs wired friends many many times. The SF5 netcode is utter garbage.


Yup. I’m also getting a lot more connections which are clearly awful but according to the system are “5 bar connections”. It’s trash. As soon as the first match is over you can see the bar flickering between 3/4/5 bar connection.

I’m fed up of being paired with players who are clearly playing on wifi too. It’s 2016 and all we have to determine what the connection strength is seems to be some mythical bar system that doesn’t actually give you a correct indication of the connection.

The amount of frauds that know their connection is garbage and use it to their advantage is staggering.


You clearly never played any game with rollback netcode whatsoever.