Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


After being in the development world for over 12 years, the saying “you get what you pay for” cannot be more true.

I’m guessing the stuff Capcom did outsource they probably just went to the lowest bidders.

That’s also the reason now a days you see so much buggy software, because companies don’t want to pay for talent.


Still too much one-sided lag in this game. This game keeps matching me up with this laggy retard. All the NPCs go super speed and he keeps teleporting everywhere making it almost impossible to do anything yet he can play full combo mode. It is bullshit.


I have KI on X1 and PC and have played good rollback games and SF5 issues were not present in KI at all any of the times i’ve played it. I played KI online waaaaaay more than SF5 for obvious reasons. SF5 netcode is utter $hit.


KI is just the better netcode out there period. The things you described can happen currently in Fightcade because it’s simply the way a rollback netcode works: when there’s a desync the game rolls back to a previous state and cancels everything that might’ve happened after that. There’s nothing specific to SF5 in that.


I think you’re going out of your way to defend netcode that has some pretty significant flaws.

The following is a list of games that blow SFV netcode away:

Killer Instinct
Lethal League
Rising Thunder
Melty Blood with Caster

I don’t play fightcade, so I won’t even bother comparing the two, but when comparing rollback netcode, SFV is at the bottom of the barrel. It sucks to put it simply. I am sure in a year or so, it will be perfectly functional, but the problems listed by Spliffy are the rule and not the exception. Those same problems when compared to other rollback netcodes are the exceptions and not the rule.

The problem with SFV is the way in which their netcode is handled. You don’t have to take my word for it though. Here’s MikeZ’s tweet criticizing the netcode with a response from Mauve agreeing with him. That’s a tweet from a person who has successfully implemented netcode (GGPO) and a response from a person who is probably the single most authority on FG netcode as far as I am concerned agreeing with him. There is nothing to defend here.

That’s not to say that the other person is wrong. The extra bad lag may be because of people with shitty connections dropping in to try out Juri… but if there is one company who could probably make the netcode worse with each passing patch, that company would be Capcom.


My point was that the things he was describing like they were unusual or a symptom of a bad netcode were literal descriptions of how rollback netcode works. It’s like complaining that a delay netcode has a massive input delay; it’s just how it is. Nobody even questions that SF5 doesn’t have the better rollback netcode out there, but what he said basically amounts to criticizing it because it’s rollback netcode.
One-sided lag on the other hand is truly unacceptable for any netcode whatsoever, and that’s the issue Mike Z and Mauve are talking about - which has nothing to do with rollback.


but the question is then what kind of netcode is better /fairer?
that both gets the same input delay or just one person the rollbacks?


Why is that the question?

Like OceanSalt said, any netcode that dumps the entirety of its delay/lag onto one player is unacceptable.

That’s a false dichotomy. Further, as it stands right now, both situations exist (and neither in their present state are is acceptable).


Yeah, one sided problems are just nonsense, and from my own experimentation, it’s usually the person with the better internet or PC getting the desync problems, since they aren’t the ones falling behind either frame-wise or packet-wise, and thus get fucked with loads of warping.

Bring out your toasters and EarthLink connection guys, it’s time to desync them whores.


Maybe it’s better for me to downgrade my internet again. Recently upgraded (right before SFV launch) to 100/100 because I thought my 100/10 wasn’t always cutting it in SF4 when I was hosting lobbies. Figured it’d be smoother for a p2p game like this, but perhaps I’ve only been doing myself a disservice. Even though I only play 5 bar connections from Europe, there’ll be heavy desync pretty much all my matches. It’s especially annoying since the other person seems unaffected and thinks he’s hot shit, while I try to play footsies with someone who is teleporting all over the place. Can’t really tell them whats up either, because you have to talk like some retarded person with premade phrases:

Connections slow!
Thank you for the match!
Yee haaw!

If only there was some way humans could communicate online using text messages…

SF4 was MUCH better for me connection wise on average, but the odd matches that are good in SFV are better than SF4, sort of. They are far and few in between though, when we can go for extended sets without problems and with how poor region searching is in this game, it’s very tedious to play. It gets annoying to wade through jp and us players for 10 minutes before finding someone to play.


It isn’t speed that determines the connection quality, it plays a part but it’s not the important bit. Your old connection was fine, it’s the other internet doohiky things that help.


anyone else getting matched with an abnormal # of Brazilians (3-5). Connection is shit. That’s it, only 4-5 bars from now on.


3-5? You like to live dangerously…


Yes, I am Brazillian and I’m getting matched against US and Canadian players very often lately. Sometimes the connection is smooth, but I have had some very crappy experiences too.


After 2 hours this weekend I remember why I didn’t played SFV online since May. 5 to 10 minutes for a match then get paired with someone from the other side of the world? Seriously? It’s a fuckin’ pain play online and no, I’m not a fan of DBZ full teleport matches against Mexicans or Indians,especially if I’m from Italy. It’s that hard put a goddamn region filter? Fuck that


Nothing like being matched with 1/5 guy although you specified 4-5 range.


I don’t really have much of a problem. I’ve played games with waaaaay shittier netcode. Sure, it’s not fantastic, but it’s not SNK or NRS bad.

I will say, however, that that one match where you visually confirm that you hit the motherfucker, only for it to never have happened and you end up losing because of that moment is really painful.


I can’t play a match where,after hitting my opponent,I find myself on ground because the rollback is that bad. I can’t play waiting 5 minutes between matches. I can’t play smoothly against players from USA or Asia, so why I get paired with them every time?


Personally I had a good run this weekend, I only got a weird match against a UK guy who was probably running the game on an Amstrad CPC and against a French lag switcher, otherwise the filter worked pretty well. But I must also say that my country probably has one of the largest player bases in the entire Europe.

I find funny that Italians get regularly matched with Mexicans (you’re not the only one reporting that) and Germans to USA. Maybe there is a region filter after all, not the one we need but the one we deserve.


Netcode was done by one guy. They need to add another guy to that, Mike Z.