Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!


Server structure *


I mean, if we are just picking random folk out of the air, why not go with the guy who wrote the “book” on it?


The region pairing doesn’t work. I’m in Ireland. I play someone from great Britain or Ireland every 8-9 matches. Some of my matches are european, mostly French, German and Scandinavian.

Problem is the majority are USA, Brazil, Canada etc. A chore.


There is no region pairing in SF5, only ping pairing. This means that anyone that is queuing which latency is in the range you’ve chosen through the MM menu is a possible opponent for you.
However ping detection seems a little shoddy and in recent patches they made the range much wider even when you set it to 5 bars. I suggest to use the background search and to set it to ask before accepting to avoid occasional bad ping opponents.



Ok I was wondering.
I’m guessing a lot of players dropped off.


I’m in northern Canada… my internet is tops, I play on PC with a hardline connection… I just quit SFV because the online play is so horrible. There’s no need for it, I play many other fighting games that use GGPO that play amazing online… this game will die


Seriously, they already told you to stop with these jokes.


Cammy spiral arrows are supposed to have 20+ frames of recovery.

Ryu/Ken tatsus are -10 on block.

All Balrogs dash Punches are at least -4 on block.

Online… All +80


I usually just play people within a reasonable distance and I don’t run into much rollback at all. If I play ranked or something I do 5 bars only, occasionally I’ll run into a bad connection but I don’t think it’s as bad as most people make it out to be.


I’ve been pretty pleasantly surprised by the experience. I have more trouble fighting other people in the US than the times I get people in Brazil, Chile (!!), or even France and Poland (!). We’ve come a long way since beta 3, and SF4. I tend to have very little rollback, and when I do, it’s spikes rather than a whole match worth of teleports.

I wish Capcom would let you turn off relay connections though, or at least make information about that clearer; I only found out literally 3 months into the game what those little wiggly icons on the match screen mean. Cause in the end, you can have a top tier connection, live in a place with good backbone infrastructure…but your NAT is set up wrong and you can’t actually connect to anyone but you can’t tell because all you get is a tiny icon Capcom barely ever talks about.


The fact that you personally don’t have problems doesn’t mean others don’t have problems.


I didn’t mean to imply that.


Then it’s exactly as bad as people make it out to be. Just not for you.


I can pretty much confirm this to be true. I have a high end PC(not even close to EVER dropping below 60fps), and Google Fiber internet(1GB connection). Pretty much EVERY game I play vs another PC player is unplayable. Funny enough…I don’t have nearly as much issues fighting against PS4 players. Wish they had a filter to only play PS4 players…or fix the damn game I suppose.


Im hoping the patch fixes the pc desynch. Got a pretty nice computer too and stick to PS4 cuz PC version rollsback heavy after 10 seconds into every fight.

I even played against my brother online in the same room and the ps4 version would run fine while I would be teleporting all over the place on the pc right next to him


Just a thought, but if you are having that much problems on PC SFV there may be some port issues at hand. It’ll explain how some games can be smooth while SFV runs like shit… I had the same issue with Rainbow Six Siege on PS4… For some reason I had less than optimal experiences with that game over others… some router tweeks and port changes per their website fixed everything.


Whose website?

I’ve gotten 100% teleporting either because I moved to a new place or because the latest update.


so why the fuck the game is keeping the NPCs in sync or whatever it is doing that makes them go crazy during lag

those are valuable packets that could be used to keep better track of the opponent!


I’m having lag problems since my new ISP. My 5 bar matches start okay but then start teleporting after 2-5 seconds.


Capcom reaffirmed to us that they will continue to improve their network infrastructure this year: