Net safety question

If a web site asks you for your first and last name, zip code, and email before you can even enter; and lets you choose Check or Credit Card (for $0) to pay for free entry what is the worst that could happen?

What does God need with a star ship?

Seems fishy to me, but I know nothing.

they will rape your credit card worse than a convicted rapist with a life sentence sneaking up on you in the shower. If you like that kinda thing you’ll be fine.


The last time I heard someone ask that question, they caught lightning in the chest.


Why would God do that? Is he angry? Why is God angry?

Because god is a member of SRK and is hella hater…

before you ask the Almighty for his I.D. Card, I’d call scotty and tell him to get you the hell outta there. Just a precaution. :rofl: