Netbook display adapter won't keep gamma/brightness/contrast settings

I am using a Dell Netbook with an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150. And when setting the gamma, brightness, and contrast within the graphics properties, they don’t save. They remain applied until either:

-Start a fullscreen application
-the screen goes off then on again for any reason
-the computer starts up
-the computer wakes up from sleep or hibernate

So I have to constantly reapply the settings, and that is just annoying because the default settings make the screen really bright and washed out (even when I set the monitor’s brightness as low as possible via other settings). How can I make my settings stay put?

The last time I recall seeing this was on a system that was downgraded from Vista to XP. The little magical brightness display driver was not installed. I had to end up downloading a third-party app to set the brightness on boot. Best of luck. I would contact Dell if you purchased it recently. You could have a party with the Indian tech support.