Netbook Problem

i have a Acer Aspire One and i’m trying to start it up like normal but it’s giving me the following:

any tips/help?

Go into your BIOS (usually the “Del” key) and check the order of “boot devices” or something to that effect. The hard drive should be first in the list. If the hard drive is already first, it’s possible that it has failed mechanically or that the hard drive needs to be re-seated. You re-seat by taking the hard drive out and just plugging it in again.

in the BIOS screen under the Boot tag it goes likes this

  1. IDE0 : WDC WD1600BEVT-22ZCTO
  2. IDE1 :
  3. USB FDD :
  4. Network Boot : Atheros Boot Agent
  5. USB HDD :
  6. USB CDROM :

Google is awesome,

already tried that

is set but still a problem

Well here is the next step according to the people that made the hardware,

Your SSD is fried methinks (same thing happened to me with a Dell Mini 9)

The problem is the BIOS is trying to boot from the corrupted SSD, fails, and goes to the next thing (boot from LAN), and fails.

It will get detected, but you won’t be able to do anything with it, even an attempt at a low level format will fail.

or you just have the boot order wrong. I am just speaking from my experience.

The model number shows as Western Digital Scorpio 160GB. The fact that it shows on the boot device list is a good indicator that the hard drive is still functional. There is the possibility that the Windows installation has been corrupted. I would also check in the BIOS and see if the SATA setting is AHCI or “compatibility”/“legacy”. AHCI for Windows Vista/7 and compatibility mode for XP.

it is set on ACHI

If your operating system is Vista or Windows 7, that is the correct setting. Hopefully, you’re still under warranty. I would contact Acer at this point via the link posted by Sazae a few posts up.

OS is Windows XP

If you’re running XP, set the SATA mode in the BIOS to compatibility and try to boot the system. If it’s still not booting, then the time has come to contact Acer.

still no luck… i’ll contact Acer about this

thanks for your help guys