Netbook/UMPC/Subnotebook/Mini Notebook discussion


Lot of talk about these sub-$600 small laptops geared towards portability and centered around productivity. Anyone else looking to pick one up or interested in learning more about them?

I have done a lot of research over the past couple weeks over which netbook is the way to go. I had it down to the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, the HP Mini-Note, and the ASUS EeePC 1000h.

Lot of complaints about the Dell’s keyboard and how confining it really is; the F-keys are along the HOME row and are accessed through the Fn key. Makes for some really awkward layouts, I tell you. The price was really nice for a Dell, though.

The mouse/touchpad on the HP sucked. I’ve never had good luck with HPaqs at all (well, support-wise, anyway). I don’t think I’ll ever buy one on accident, let alone on purpose.

I actually picked up the EeePC 1000h last night and I’m awaiting shipment. YouTube videos sold it for me. The keyboard is a little bigger and much more solid (although that right shift key is kinda weirdly-placed … no biggie, I only use the left one exclusively), and the regular HDD as opposed to the SSD is awesome because I can upgrade the storage and RAM easily without incident. I plan to wipe it and put XP Pro on it when it comes in. The battery life on the 1000h is said to get as much as 7.5 hours before it needs a charge, but realistically I’m hoping for at least 5.5…which is better than the laptop I have now (HAVE to keep it plugged in, otherwise I unplug it and the battery lasts an hour).


Subscribing. I DEFINITELY want to hear about people’s experiences with diff ultra portables. Small size, small weight, no optical drive.

The EeePC has of course caught my eye, but I see a lot of people asking about which processor on various Ebay listings. What should I watch out for, which one should I get? Keep in mind, I’ll probably want Linux on it, and my #2 priority is battery life. #1 is built in wifi card, but I consider that a given.


Thinking of picking a Asus eee 900 up by friday, this’ll be interesting. All i can chip in with is that they are darn small and that the inspire one seemingly gives less bang for the buck than the asus eee 901.


Toodles: You’ll probably notice that a lot (if not all) of the netbooks come with the Intel Atom. I think the Dell Mini 9 and most of the EeePCs come with the Atom. Some EeePCs come with a Celeron (WACK!) (EeePC comparison list) The HP Mini-Note has a VIA chipset. Fuck that shit.

As far as Linux goes: you’ll see that the cheaper the specs/price on a netbook, the more likely it’ll come with some flavor of Linux. The EeePCs can come with XP Home or GNU. The lower Dell’s got a custom version of Ubuntu.


i bought the eeepc700 model back during launch

i dunno about the 900 but the keyboards on the 700 series SERIOUSLY are shitty, simply because the keyboards are too small. if the 900/1000 keyboards are the same size as the others, then i suspect that its the same as the 700. If so, i DO NOT recommend getting the EEEpc. sorry Asus.

with all of these computers being atom 1.6g spec’d, i dont feel theres a huge advantage from one over the other, the selling point for any of these netbooks is (and should be) the keyboard. SSD/HD options and XP options are a close 2nd factor.

personally i think the new Dell mini-Inspirons are the worse of the bunch unless you’re buying it for your 9-year old daughter. Everyone says the HP Mini-note is the best keyboard, but too bad it has the VIA chipset, which i hear isn’t that bad.

The only other one i’d recommend out of ALL of them out in the US, is the Acer Aspire One, which i’ve typed on, and its solid as hell. The only think that quirks me on it is the dual card readers. wtf.


Definitely. Have you seen the Mini 9’s keyboard? Holy crap that looks like it’s too small even for my skinny girly-like fingers. And the F-keys on the home row really bug me. I use the F-shortcuts quite often, so that was the VERY first detractor from me considering the Mini 9. The whole point of the F-keys are for shortcutting through stuff; having to hold the Fn key to access them retards the logic.

Oh, the EeePC 1000h’s keyboard is definitely larger than the 701’s. Peep this one review video: [media=youtube]6ltA-tvxiVs[/media]

EDIT: Just peeped out that Aspire One’s keyboard online. The screen’s kinda smaller than the 1000h’s, but overall it looks pretty slick. Does it come in black?


My mother bought a Acer Aspire one the linux version with 512 megas of ram and 8gb ssd, but after trying to mess with it she ended up giving it to me lol.
The good: It’s really small and light so it’s easy to carry around everywhere (I also have a mabook 13,3" and after some time walking around with it your shoulder starts to hurt :frowning: ).
The bad: it has a realllllllly slow disk, and you can’t upgrade the ram without disassembling it :S.


Sweet! My 1000h was just marked as shipped. Man that was quick. <3 Newegg. I’ll be sure to post up some unboxing videos, startup/shutdowns, under load videos, etc. Any suggestions on what kinds of videos I should make when I get this guy up and running?


I have had an EEE PC 8G for the last 3 months and i think it is great.

The keyboard at first felt really dinky and hard to type with. I still make a few mistakes here and there, but usually when i’m not paying attention. Other than that i have completely gotten used to typing on the small keyboard.

My only REAL complaint is, that when i bought it the ATOM processors were not out. Other than that, it plays 480p video great, plays starcraft and Warcraft 3 (WC3 with the assistance of boosting the processor to 800mhz).

When i first got my EEE PC 8G I immediately put a 2gig stick of ram in and installed XP PRO. Been having a great time with it ever since.


I am still holding out. I already have a laptop, but I want a tiny thing to take to school.

I am waiting for decent HDD’s and a fast processor, and a sub $300 pricetag, if anyone found one, tell me. Heh. Don’t care for gaming on it, but do care for being able to run Office, and Windows Media player with 480 - 720p content. And jeez the resolution on these screens are crappy.


Another netbook two netbooks to look at are the MSI Wind and the Lenovo Ideapad S10. There’s only a 512MB RAM, 80GB version out now, but a 1GB, 160GB is coming out soon for both.

Lenovo S10

MSI Wind


Hahah you’re asking for some insanity there. That’s like going to a fast food joint and asking for a piece of Fliet Mignon and only wanting to pay a dollar for it.


I’ve got a sealed Aspire One AOA150-1570 (Blue XP 120gb 3-cell) for sale if anyone wants one. $340 + shipping, or pickup in Northern VA, PM me.


Pics? Hit me up. I need this SOON for work.


I looked heavily into the netbooks to replace my well-aged compaq evo N200 (10.4" screen, < 2lbs, p3 700mhz and limited to 192mb ram). The EEEpc 1000 looked good, as well as the MSI Wind and the new Dell Inspiron Mini. The 1.6ghz atom processor is great too, about even with a 1.2ghz Pentium M performance-wise and a lot less voltage required.

However, the price just kept putting me off… $500-$600 for a netbook w/ a gig of ram and a 1.2ghz processor and a 10" screen (1024x600). I ended up hitting ebay for a Vaio TX770p with a Pentium M 1.3ghz, 11" LED LCD (1366x768), 1gb of ram, and only 2.7lbs. Physical size is comparable to an eee 1000, a bit faster than a netbook, and it’s got a much higher resolution screen (which is my requirement). Granted, mine was a used laptop vs a new netbook, but still, for the same price… Definitely an option to consider if you’re wanting a netbook for the size.


I really wanna cop one of these and use it just for developing code/building webapps but the small screen and lack of ram is a bit of a deterrent for me. But these netbooks just look too damn sexy. I got a 15.4 Lenovo laptop that I basically use as a desktop but it would be nice to have something smaller to carry around. The 13.3 HP laptops that are coming out is something that I am eyeing but I really don’t need it and can wait till next year to purchase one.


Anyone here have an OLPC? I gotta admit, those things look like fun.


well good luck to you on that, i couldnt go for the 701s AT ALL. But the AA1 just felt solid. Lemme us all know how the eee 1000 feels.

Oh yeah i totally forgot about the MSI Wind, i think its probably one of the best designs, and ranks up there with the HP Mini-note, but its simply too expensive.

if anyone wanted the AA1 they sell them here for $429


I’ll be taking delivery of my 1000h on Monday. I’ll have an unboxing video up and ready for you guys to check out. And if there’s any videos of the thing that you want to see (benchmarks/startup time/etc.), let me know and I’ll try to accomodate you. :tup:

Those of you who are still on the fence regarding picking one up, the next gen EeePCs are rumored to have the Atom 330s (cough cough DUAL CORE cough). So those of you who are looking for something a little faster than the 1.6, try and hang on for at least another three months or so.


I ended up ordering an Acer Aspire One off Amazon!

Got the 1GB Ram, 120GB HDD, WinXP version…

Played around with it at a local store the other day too. Absolutely LOVE it.