Netbooks and Sf4


Is it possible to play Sf4 using an atom netbook/nettop with a geforce 9400?

Has anybody tried it?
Any benchmark?


Highly doubt it, you’re lucky if you can get it to run on an 8600GT, much less a mobile 9400. Though if one were to mod SFIV to run on lower end PCs it could work.


It runs on my X1600 at good speeds so long as I don’t put up high settings.

It should work at a low resolution if you’re willing to crank down a few settings.

EDIT: How the hell is it “lucky if you can get it to run on an 8600GT”? The minimum specs are a Geforce 6600…


I know of at least 5 people that can’t run it at more than 30 FPS with 8600s and 9600s.


From what I’ve read my guess is that SF4 would run at about 20fps on min settings.


Theres a reason it’s called a netbook


Is there that much of a difference between 9800’s and 9600’s? I run SF4 with everything turned up and a high resolution and I get 60fps LOCKED.


Don’t become one of them suckers who lag other peoples games and then go like “LOL SORE LOSER WAS FINE ON MY COMPUTARD”


That’s strange, I have a 9600 and I run at a constant 60fps at 1680x1050, all settings on highest but no AA.

e6600 cpu, 2gb ram, win7.


Pretty big difference, 9800GT will often get 50+ more FPS in a given game.

I’ve heard of plenty of people playing it on 8600s and 9600s, it just seems like a hit or miss thing.

9400Ms are much much worse though, and with the shitty processor and (probable) lack of RAM, I don’t see a netbook playing SFIV.


Of course this won’t work.

No netbook should be playing SF4…


I wish it could. It would be the DS/PSP portable Sf 4 that never was.

So an Acer Aspire One, 1 GB ram, CPU 1.6 and 250 video ram is super out of the cuestion? Turning everyhthing to minimum?


this is all bullshit, sf4 runs even on crappy hardware, you just need to turn it down.

play it in a low resolution and set everything to low/off.


Cool story brah.
I run it on my laptop with an 8600 GS.


They just need to stop trying to pimp the settings. 8600GT without AA at high locked at 60FPS here.


So you pirated the game and want to play it on a netbook that is pretty much not made to play sfiv on. Which means you’ll have to play it at shitty settings with I’m sure plenty of input lag and maybe even on a keyboard.

Yes, great idea, you’re gonna really learn sfiv this way.

I swear, you people are fucking retarded.


exactly what i think


My laptop runs it at 60fps minimum (72fps min in the time demo) and it has an 8400M GS. I run 800*600 mostly low settings, mid character detail and it’s silky smooth.

My desktop with an 8600GT runs it at 1440*900 mostly on high and a few mid (shadows off) and I get 68fps min in the time demo.


Just checked with my X1600 in windowed 640x480 settings and got a solid 60fps throughout benchmark. That was with character quality at high, background quality at high, particles at low and everything else off. The game still looks great for the whole 60 I payed for the tower, too. When all is said and done this game is very well scaled.

Specs -
Intel Pentium D 3.2Ghz (x2)
Radeon X1600 Pro AGP (I think it’s a pro anyway)

If it runs on an Atom, I can’t say. Doubtful.

EDIT: And that was WITHOUT any overclocking, I might add.


This doesn’t sound too difficult, actually. From my understanding, the main reason behind any FPS loss is that the character’s poly-counts are as high as GoW/UT3 characters. If someone were to adjust the models (crimp together vertices, ect) , but keep the animation skeletons, you could probably make the game a hundred times more manageable.