Netcode - did they finally fix it?


Did they finally fix the netcode ? After this extended maintenance, one that also saw an abrupt outage shortly afyer, the play has been really good.

One would expect logon errors, disconnects etc just like any other maintenance but this one has none. Its really good now.

Even stuff like vieweing your character profile loads quickly, same goes for reviewing your battle log etc.

Im an Asian based player and have seen the same feedback from UK / Europe players via twitch.

Wonder what they did… Whatever it is it looks promising - that is, after 1 ffing year.


They might’ve fixed the servers, but I’m pretty sure you can’t fix the netcode without a client side patch.


They’ve definitely fixed the server errors “temporarily”. I haven’t gotten a server error in the last day or so without about 15 or so games played.


they went even so far to fix it before they fixed the servers…just for you…