Hi every1, how is the netcode compare to VF5 online, the same, better, worse??
please post the console you test it.
Oh if you didnt play VF5 online, it had the best netcode for a 3d fighting games in my opinion
even better than SC5.


I played my first 10 matches online it runs pretty good and it features the Replay that you can save, watch, and upload from playing online matches. Very good game! :slight_smile:


From the games I played, the netcode is slightly better than SC5’s code.


No problems here…pretty solid.


From what I’ve played, very good.


This is solid. I didn’t think a netcode could be this good unless it was using GGPO.


Had some issues but I’m may have to admit to myself I need a new wireless router.

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I’ve had great luck with the netcode so far, as long as the connection was at least decent it felt really good.

Also: advice to anyone playing on a wireless router, CONNECT VIA A WIRE. Not joking at all, you will find your online experience SO MUCH BETTER with that one simple change.


So will EVERYONE you play with…


I hate the idea of messing up my entire wireless setup just to play some games. I do far more with my internet than play games. Plus sfiv and scv play just fine on wireless, so why.can’t this game?

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It’s not particular games that is the problem.

Do you know what “Packet Loss” is?

Do you realize all fighting games are dependent on loss-less connections for the game to be smooth and responsive?

Do you realize that in order to pass FCC compliance, the device must accept any interference in the radio waves?

Microwave, Garage Door, Cell Phone, etc etc… going on around your ‘sweet setup, more than to play games’ is screwing up not only your game, but the person on the other end. Sony should have disabled wi-fi for online matchmaking…


On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Street Fighter x Tekken on PS3 and 10 being this game right here … well, you get the picture. This is the first fighter I’ve had the least amount of lag issues with, as in none.


A few weeks ago, I would have told you that SCV had the most amazing netcode for a 3d fighter, but VF5:FS is even better.


People don’t understand wireless. If you are running wifi, and your normal connection is good, your ping will also be good. The problem people seem to think happens is packet loss, and that only happens if you have a router from 1982 and are trying to use it through 15 walls of an apartment complex.

I use wifi upstairs, and wired down stairs. The difference is negligible. It always astounds me how little SRK knows about internet connections.


It’s the exact same as VF5


I’m not going to argue with you because I know it’s arguing to a wall, but I can say 100% that everyone who I’ve ever convinced to switch from a wireless to wired connection when playing games online has noticed an IMMEDIATE and HUGE improvement in their performance.


The netcode is as good as the original VF5 on the Xbox 360; I’m playing on the PS3 now and I don’t notice much of a difference from my previous experience with the game.

Half the time I find myself worrying about the fight itself, rather than the lag. Sega’s got a winner here. Maybe it’s all their old code from coding for 56k modems that’s saving this game! (Remember the Sega Dreamcast?)

Show them how it’s done, Sega :smiley:


netcode is good so far


Just chiming in to say i had a couple of shaky player matches when I first started online. Then I began to hit better matches where the godlike netcode kicked in and I had an orgasm. I mean, as a Goh player online I still miss my hit-grabs from time to time, but there’s nothing slight adaptation can’t fix.


so far very good