Hi everyone, TT2 will be on sale up to 75%-85% off next week. So I am thinking on buying this game, but first I wana know how good is the netcode of the actual fight compare to other 3d fighting games. Is as good as Virtua  Fighter 5, SF4, SC5, etc??<br><br>Thanks<br>


The netcode for this game is extremely gd. It is much better than SF4 netcode, I don’t kno about SC5 since I never played it but all I kno is I play on PS3 and it plays very well online


best netcode of all fighting games


That sale price is a no brainer it’s a great game with best of a bad bunch netcode.
It’s the only online fighter to play currently with a large enough playerbase and least lag.

It’s a decent netcode better than most like 5 bar is playable 4 bar is still playable but with input delay, but ultimately lag will ruin the experience because there are just too many people out there that play on shared wireless connections these days.

I am 120 down 10 up net speed wired, even in off peak early hours every other game in ranked is vs some laggy 1 -2 second input delay opponent which means no blocking on reaction and blocks not registering etc whiffed inputs.

For example i’ll often find myself blocking in time say a high attack i’m sat here holding back 1 second before the attack and it still registers on me you’ll find situations like that against many an opponent on 4 bars.

Still a fun experience but ultimately you’ll be left frustrated by laggy wireless opponents who are very very used to every game lagging like that, fighting games still suck online imo they all lag some more than others I’d say like most games I find anything over about 70ms ping to the player is unplayable.

It’s the best of a bad bunch of laggy online fighters in this generation though having said all that the online experience is better than any other fighter I have tried in terms of lag, some people don’t mind 4 bars or less in tekken tag 2 but to me I find it unplayable but again that probably depends on the ping number not what the bars say.

You can select 5 bar only opponents in ranked filter and you’ll still end up facing people that are laggy I long for the day they bring back ping number instead of bars then we could just play when it’s under a custom ping number we select.


Can I get a source link for that 75%-85% off deal on TTT2?

*edit this post was from 7 months ago. Im a retard LOL


Dunno about TTT2 but TekRev has next to no imput lag for me even on 3 bars, netcode is maybe a little too good. If only it didnt hook me up with players that belt my ass so hard so often.