Netflix recording guy plays street fighter!



My roommate (DharmaPunk) was watching Netflix and all of a sudden a sound clip of SF2 comes out of nowhere (its when his hand is showing!).

The movie is titled “The Beautiful Truth” and it’s at about 36 minutes if you want to see it on Netflix yourself. I youtubed the actual vid and it wasn’t on it so definitely recording error.

Pretty cool!


what theme was that?




Haha! I just checked and it’s true. Pretty funny.




lol pretty funny, your friend is a wizard


I just watched it. lol


Dude it is was so weird!

Me and Electron had been talking about SF all day and we had just played a good solid 50-60 matches. It was late and I had to work in the morning so I call it a night and picked a random documentary on Netflix to drone off in the background before I crashed.

I’m like half listening (it’s actually a pretty cool movie) and all the sudden I hear Ken’s theme blare out of nowhere and then disappear.

I sat bolt upright and for a very real minute, I was completely convinced that SF had finally made me go fucking nuts. I had played too much of this damn game and my brain had apparently given up on sanity. I would probably die an old man who heard nothing but SF themes and mumbled on in his corner about frame traps while tearing up small pieces of paper and chain smoking.

So then I’m like maybe the system just glitched and played a random game track… but I was watching Netflix on my Wii… so that’s no go.

It had to be Netflix or my brain was fried.

I rewound the video, crossed my fingers while imagining myself having to convince a giant Native American to throw a water fountain through an asylum window, and hit play.

“Blah blah, experimental neuropathology, blah blah blabbity nuts”


“Blah blah, destroys never cells…”

AaaaahHahahahahhahaha, I laughed my fucking ass off and yelled for Electron to get the fuck in here and check this out!!

Still sane for now ::highfive:: :rock:


lmao, wow.
also nice electric dragon avatar :tup:


I lol’d irl.