Netflix Thread

Talk about Netflix.

You guys got any comedy or action suggestions?
I just saw that they added Jackie Chan Adventures, fuck yeah.

They got Breaking Bad and Mad Men, thank you Netflix based god!

I enjoy my instant streaming, they got a shit ton of stuff. At least, compared to when they first started, when instant streaming was total bullshit.

I know that, come February, they will be losing a lot of titles though because their Starz contract will be expiring. :frowning:

Actually got to watch about 3 quarters of FMA: Brotherhood. I skipped out on the initial TV run but Brotherhood and I assume the manga it is based on are alot better then the original anime.

Netflix streaming is a great spot to watch tv shows, you missed out on.

Check out “Kung Fu Dunk” and “Ping Pong Playa”

Hella funny Basketball and Ping-Pong movies respectively.

I’m glad instant streaming now consolidates all seasons into one show. Before you had to find each season of a show individually, and sometimes they wouldn’t have all the seasons available, which sucked.

They have a few really good stand up specials on there. Patrice Oneal, Louis CK, Doug Benson, Kevin Hart and some others.

well i dont know if anime counts, but i liked claymore for action/intrigue and brutality and its my second favorite anime that i watched on netflix. for comedy then i really liked kenichi the mightiest disciple… its not super funny or anything but its quite humorous and just a great anime, my favorite on netflix.

good tv series were stargate atlantis and lost though i dont know if those are available anymore… i no longer have netflix.

for non streaming i always like idle hands… slept on comedy right there.


The instant streaming anime section has vastly improved this year. I wish they would put some of the older 90’s animes on their though :confused:

They have High school of the dead on netfinx…In HD!!!. I’m still waiting on the last volume of FMA:Brotherhood

also if anyone has a seriously juvenile sense of humour, miss march is a true comedy gem.

dont get me wrong its all toilet humor piss and fart jokes and whatnot… one scene has a guy getting a BJ from his epileptic girlfriend who was doing a dance pole routine like a stripper… and then he turned on the strobe light that he had just bought…

i found it fucking hilarious but others may not. if anyone likes comedy in the vein of superbad or harold and kumar though who hasnt seen miss march you’d do yourself a favor to check it out.


While I love the tv selection I wish there were more mainstream big budget movies available

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High School of the Dead has the potnetial to be soooo much better if it didn’t have the extremely gratuitous oversized titty bouncing and non-stop up skirt scenes. Don’t get me started about the impromptu boob groping fest in the bathroom.
Of course I’m talking to SRK, so that might appeal to most people on here.

Other than that, it’s actually a pretty decent story about survival during the zombie apocalypse, I just wish it toned down the typical anime cheesiness.

Power Rangers being on Netflix is the best thing ever to happen.

Netflix will have to up the ante on dat ass as far as getting bigger moves on instant stream, especially if they want to compete with redbox.

Ill check out that Zombie anime sounds cool, i like upskirts…

Watched this Indonesian MA film Merantau, i was pleasantly surprise on the quality of acting compared to Thai films…Not as flashy as Tony Jaa but movie is pretty solid. I watched it cuz i saw the trailer for the Raid…

Bodyguard & Assassins, i remember downloading this awhile back, stars Donnie Yen…Now they have it on Netflix i’ll probably watch this next…

But isn’t Redbox pretty limited in terms of movie selection?

Currently on a streaming plan. Used to have streaming and DVDs, but the DVDs eventually weren’t worth the price. I’m liking the selection of movies and television to stream…

…but my ONLY complaint right now is that Netflix needs to get Sons of Anarchy season 3 on their streaming ASAP. I **neeeed **to watch this . The season’s been out on DVD since the end of August, so it hasn’t been TOO long since it came out…but there’s no signs of when it’ll be on Netflix or even IF it will be. I’m not sure if there’s any way of keeping track of the releases that Netflix will get. If there is, that would be AWESOME. Until then, I’ll continue to wallow in anticipation.

Seriously, when they’re fighting zombies it’s pretty rad, but when it’s tits the size of car engines bouncing it’s utterly disappointing.

Just watched the boob squeezing bathroom episode and if they didn’t keep switching to the scene of the Police killing everyone on the bridge I’d have turned it off.

FYI for those who aren’t getting laid, squeezing a girls tit isn’t going to make her insta-cum. It doesn’t work like that.

Although there’s a major firestorm with the price hike + loss of Starz, Netflix is still the best bang for your buck out there. All of their competitors (Amazon Video, Hulu) aren’t anywhere near Netflix. I still have my Instant Streaming + 1 Blu-Ray disc subscription and won’t be chaning anything anytime soon.

They didn’t even need to have their tits squeezed to wet their skirts. Slightly brushing up against them has the same affect on this show. lol

The zombie killing (and people getting killed by zombies) slightly balances things out.