Netflix Thread

Netflix is pretty good, especially for TV shows on the streaming.

I remember I watched the entire series of Lost in about 4 days on there lol.

I dont know, I find giants tits and zombie killing to be a match made in heaven.

Checked to see if there was anything to watch on NetFlix last night. As usual, nothing.

Considering getting rid of the service. When I first got it, the streaming was great. Now, eh. Soon, much worse.

Did you know you can control some of the playback in the netflix player?

ctrl + alt + shift + s brings up a menu to control the quality
ctrl + alt + shift + d shows memory usage and stuff
not sure how many more there are that are useful

Ugh, now this is annoying: I may just stop the disc-based service and go Streaming only now. It’s like they thought of every way to make the customer experience as tedious as possible, all while raising the price.

I feel like the only hope Netflix has is that people don’t li,e the hassle of going from one service to another to watch shows. Like going to Hulu for NBC stuff, this service for Starz, another for HBO, another for Showtime.

The networks were smart to realize Netflix is nothing more than a middle man, but I think it’s a necessary middle man when it comes to user experience.

As a side, Hulu has really dropped the ball. I love it for anime since they have both Naruto series’, but other than that everything is really hit or miss. Disappointing seeing as though they have content from CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC.

For some people, I’m sure they won’t mind doing the Netflix thing for streaming, then going to Qwikster for movie discs + video games, but for me personally, it’s a hassle and an inconvienience. Enough of a hassle that I’m probably just going to drop the movie disc portion and just stick with streaming now.

FYI they are as of today splitting hte DVD service COMPLETELY away into a spin off company called ‘Qwikster’

I’m begining to think they plan on selling off the DVD portion, and to do that they had to split it off. Just a thought though.

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It’s been pretty obvious that is what was going to happen for awhile if you’ve been following netflix, not a big shocker. If it’s expensive for games I’m out completely; if it’s reasonable I may stick around. Having to decide if I want to drop either service completely is a tough call

Splitting the two into entirely different entities is the dealbreaker for me. Netflix was a one-stop-shopping thing for all of my movie needs, now it’s not and I have to goto a different website, with a different login, and get billed seperately also… just too much hassle for me when I can just stop at the Redbox after I pickup my groceries.

Well there are some decent options they are setting up - buisness is chess - not checkers Huhhhh
You had an acceling division and a plummeting division which isn’t doing bad, but hte operating cost of it is going to continue to grow while undercutting the possible profits elsewhere. You know that your business model wil leventually make the first division cost more than its woth eventually.

so you can continue to feed it money till that point, and close up shop on it when that happens - before your books get bloody


you can seperate that portion from the rest of the company - on the books - prove it is still profitable and eventually some sap wil lbuy it off your hands (hey someone paid money for AOL hahaha)…making more money and getting rid of the headache…

then to add to the plan, when re-upping contracts for the streaming portion of the company - cost are no longer a part of the DVD distribution, hopefully netting you some form of discount on new contracts.

I can’t say for sure this is what they are doing, but marinating on it, it makes sense to me shrug

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Try Netflix in Canada… lackluster business.

+! for seeing what the “adding video games” will cost.

If it’s a under 10 bucks a month, it’s worth keeping for me. Provided the discs come as fast as the movies currently do.

I dropped cable very soon after the 360 was able stream netflix. really haven’t regretted it either. I miss sports and local news, but that’s about all.

It seems like a smart move to split the streaming and the disc rentals. let redbox own the disc market, it’s quicker and more convenient than inconsistent queues for popular discs anyways. hopefully it will free up more money for the streaming end to get better, timelier, more complete content. physical copies of popular media are likely on the way out sooner than later. and having access to, rather than possession of that media will eventually be the norm.

As long as Netflix doesn’t go the iTune’s route and drop the unlimited streaming for a buy/rent per episode model I plan to stick with them.

Screw Netflix! I have friends on Live that no longer play games, but only watch movies.

I understand the business rationale and logic behind everything that’s happened in the last few months. But I don’t understand the terrible way they’ve implemented things and how they’ve communicated these fundamental changes to their customers. An “oh by the way, lemme tell you about Qwikster” buried within a limp, mass-mailed “apology” is pretty much the most retarded thing I’ve ever read. I may go back to disc service in the future, but I cancelled my disc subscription yesterday and am probably cancelling my streaming service soon unless they get drastically better content on there fast.

netflix is pretty cool. i wish it was an infinite library for movies and stuff but i guess its good enough for me to keep subscribed. there are so many good movies that they dont have =/

That’s all going to change, trust me by the time Starz contract expires there will be some really huge deals announced

I just thought this was hilarious

And you have an issue with this, why?