Netgear WGR614v7/ XBox Live help

Howdy. Natually, I did a search on this topic, but I didn’t come up with any results. This is kind of specific anyway, I guess.

Before playing COD4, I didn’t play online much. In the little amount of time I did spend online, though, I didn’t have any problems. I get Connection Interrupted messages often and I lag out of games completely almost as often.

Have you guys got any ideas for me? I have tried the following:

-Resetting router (which seems to be the only thing that works, but is a stop-gap solution)
-Port Fowarding in the Router Login and Windows Firewall
-Using a different ethernet cable
-Giving the 360 a static ip
-Putting that ip in my router’s DMZ
-Disabling Windows Firewall
-Disabling SPI firewall in router login

I’m thinking the router itself just may not be suited for Live!. My connection’s down and upstreams are both fast.

Any other ideas?

If this is happening only today is because microsoft is doing an xbox live update they send me a message that xbox live was going to be down today I think till 8:00PM.

First, you should test your 360 connection to make sure your NAT settings are “Open”. If that doesn’t work, then you follow these instructions to properly forward ports on your router, although putting your 360’s static ip in your router’s DMZ should have done the trick. The instructions are for WGR614v6 though, so I don’t know if v7 is causing problems or if it’s a non-issue.

Also, an Xbox LIVE maintenance occurred earlier today, and Major Nelson reported that some people are having issues logging in today and that the engineers are looking into it.

Yeah, the maintenance thing was on my radar. It’s been going on for a while now. My NAT is “Open” by default, with all the factory settings in kind. I noticed there isn’t much documentation on the v7…Thinking I have a bum router in regards to Live.

I…have an item from Wal-Mart I most certainly purchased within the last 90 days I’ll be returning tomorrow…Provided my friend signs off on it. I always think, how many air mattresses can I return without a receipt, without raising blue flags?

I should have enough to buy a linksys and a movie. Woot.

So, I decided to see what happens when I connect my cable directly to the Xbox 360. Surprisingly, more of the same. I have an 8mb connection so I called Comcast to see if they were nerfing my p2p or anything. They sent signals to the modem and everything came back “looking great!” I…don’t even know. So frustrating. Once the third person I talked to clamped down on why I wanted things to run more smoothly, he dismissed it as Comcast’s problem saying they’re only responsible for proper performance on the computer. Like, hey asshole. If I’m paying through the ear for broadband- and another ten bucks on that for your premium service, it ought to work no matter what. It ought to work if it’s playing some role in a dead hooker disposal ring if that’s what I see fit to use it for.

So, I’m stumped. Strangely, it seems to run better through the two routers I tried than directly connected. Of course, I unplugged the modem and let it sit as to establish a new ip with my XBox 360.

And so, it seems that some of us are destined for shitty online play. Even those of us that spend $55 a month for broadband.