Any happening arcades in Etten-Leur, NL? I will be there for the following 3 months and want some competition

We wish. :frowning:

I only know about 2 “arcades” here in the Netherlands. I put that in quotes because both consist of mostly slotmachines and other gambling games. You might find some random gamecabinets like 80’s-90’s era Sega classics in a bar if you’re lucky.

if your in amsterdam at all there is a mame cab with alpha 3 on st in hill street blues

check your PMs!

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As we have a general post on the Netherlands here, hope you don’t mind me adding this here :smiley:

I’m looking for people to play online SF4 PC that are located in the Netherlands or tips from anyone regarding SF4 tourneys/events, well anything related really. I’m in Leiden or Amsterdam usually, stuff in those neighbourhoods would be great. I’ve only been playing since August, but I really want to get my game up :slight_smile:

Also if there are a lot of PS3 players out there, I’m still pondering getting a version of it so I have a wider pool of opponents, hows the online pool of people with a good connection looking from The Netherlands? (on PC, usually one to 3 will have a good connection, with 7 having 1 bar when using ranked custom. Championship G1 is pretty barren, but almost every time someone is there, its 4/5bars. Similar experiences on PS3?

On PC I’m: Mint Creampuff
PS3 tag: Deadly Creampuff (but I don’t have SF4 just yet)
(I have a thing for puffs, so sue me:P )

Feel free to hit me up for games wherever your from of course, a good connection is a good connection :smiley: