the feature featured in tekken 6, and the original tekken tag

to give a brief background, netsu is a feature that gives your health bar and your character a red aura, that lets you inflict higher damage

here are my question for you guys

> is it overpowered
> does it serve a good purpose
> is it useful

talk about it here


I have always thought the rage system was unnecessary, plenty of guys that should have beat me lost and vise versa,Tekken 6, In this its even more crazy in tag…It makes the game seem random when its really not a needed feature, i did not think it would be back, i can honestly say its giving me tons of wins in tekken 6 for being bad, in this where you can get it over and over Makes for Alot of wins undeserved for Not blocking?

I have only jammed 2 long sessions of this game ,need more time with her, but it seems ridiculous… i dig the aura effects lke a mofo, just its crazy i can be beatin half to death start glowing and then perform a shitty 4 hit string and steal much more health, then the guy who just juggled me around the stage.

But its in the game and there is no taking it back. so sometimes its on your side and sometimes you get skanked out of wins , means really anyone can comeback and win. makes for great exciting matchs to watch, feels cheap to win by it and feels fucked to get raped by it, but looks purty!!!


I’m not a fan of Rage, but eh. I’ll just adapt. It makes some characters horribly unbalanced it seems.


If you are opening a thread about Netsu, the least you can do is to learn everything about it beforehand.
You didn’t mention that it also can be converted into safe tagging, and how tag assaults grant the opponent free Netsu…


Or that you can force your opponent to change which character has Netsu active (if they’re not playing solo) :wink: