Network effects of gaming

Why do some “not so great” fighting games have large active communities while others don’t?

It comes down to network effects. To put it simply it’s often better to play a fighting game A (which might not be your favorite) with good competition over fighting game B (which is your favorite) with no competition.

Hence many not so great fighters will be adopted by the community for various reasons. Perhaps it has great graphics that attract many people (you can’t deny graphics can break a game -e.g. CFE was great but had shitty graphics). Maybe low level gameplay was “fun,” and many people played, then high level play was discovered via some glitch or tactic. The game ultimately came down to that glitch or tactic. At times the top players of the community may support a game (that might not be great), and that gets many people aboard. These are just some possibilities - not to mention any history.

IMO the easiest fix for this would be 1-2 frame lag netplay with community support. GGPO created a VS community out of almost nothing. The interface of GGPO and finding matches is greatly superior to typical p2p frameworks. However with the rise of nFBA (and hopefully better community support in software), it is possible to play games like JoJo, SS2, random SNK game here, etc.

CFE had much more reasons for failing than shitty graphics.

(…Nah, too easy)

zar walks away

I ask myself this question everyday when I play VF. Most people want a balanced fighting game that’s deep… well it’s right in front of you!

Yeah but if the competition isn’t there then the game won’t soar in popularity. You gotta remember people don’t want to spend in their minds “eternity” trying to get good in a game like VF. Not taking anything away from VF but thats a game where you need to be on point and dedicated to putting the practice.

I remember when VF4 Evolution came out and i spent a solid 4 months of practicing day in and day out playing through the whole practice mode, playing through quest mode, and playing against a handful of friends who were reluctant to play. Thing is its hard trying to find good VF players where i was at in MD outside of the occasional anime conventions.

Its hard to stay dedicated to a game if i can’t find any competition to stay consistent. Hence why i’m sticking with Tekken.

Yep, you’re right and thats why it’s disappointing. I read a lot of comments here and there where people complain about balances in a game. VF really is a great game and it’s sad that the scene in the US is so small… Yet the reception in Japan is amazing. My only assumption is that since it’s not a game you can just pick up and become great at… and that it actually takes work, people are probably deterred from playing it.


Seriously, which are those ‘not so great’ games? And they are ‘not so great’ compared to what, exactly? To CFE?

I question the same thing when I play Arcana Heart.

Player: I don’t like the designs.

Me: I don’t mind them. Great game.

Player: …