Network Simulation in Training Mode


Hi Guys! Just want to ask, how many lag in frames should I set in the training mode when I am trying to simulate a yellow bar connection? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


It’s not that simple. From my experience, yellow connections can be anywhere between 4 to 8 frame delays, but it’s more of a guess than actually tested in any way. Hell, sometimes I get red connections that seem to have barely a frame or two of delay, and green ones with at least 10. I wish they just adapted the SFIII system with showing the actual ping before a match instead of misinforming colored bars. We’re not idiots, we can read.


Random Variables of Input lag.
that can range from 1-20 and switch constantly. You can’t really prepare for it.


Like you said, you cna’t prepare for, so just practice without any lag simulation setings.


Thanks for the input guys :slight_smile:
Just played with the japanese and had some yellow bar connections. I estimated it and I felt it is around 2-frames of lag. But just like what you guys said the variables are random so i will just stick to practicing without any lag simulation


Lag simulation is all but worthless when the game uses a variable input lag based netcode. No fucking idea what they were thinking even adding it.


How is the netcode for the game? I play online and don’t notice any lag in most games (I only play green).

Is it possible to have 0 frame lag online? If so - how un/common? I feel with internet connections getting faster and faster, it should be possible - right? There are plenty of online games that have absolutely no lag.


Internet connection aren’t going “faster” at all. Downloads and upload timings are.
You should say “larger” instead.
The ping isn’t worked on much and remain the same issues for everyone. Until there’s a plan to decrease the number of relays between peers.