Network tweaks we can make for smoother matches?

Any tips?

Yes I’m on wired. Drop a pretty penny every month on internet as well. I feel like it’s out of my hands beyond that but I’m checking here anyways.

yeah idk most my matches have minimal rollback then i run into someone with 5 bars just now that was the worst connection ive seen since playing the game in beta & launch, i would jump & be mid air for no exaggeration at least 2-3 seconds.

i have a wired connection & 300 down, i have no clue what was going on with the other person to make it that bad, because even awful packet loss should not cause it to be that bad & i feel like its always a fucking cammy that lags wtf mang

I’ve actually noticed my connections getting better as I rank up, so I’m not worried as much anymore. Sometimes you get fucked and thems just the breaks.

I also think once we learn the matchups it will be easier to play in more lag as well of course. I think that the pace of the game, once people adapt to it, encourage you to take actions more consistently, unlike SF4 where there is a lot of dead time in footsies because of the threat of focus. With dash forward being so good you can’t really sit on your ass as much. I’ve had a lot more success being hyper aggressive, trying to take a page out of the Fourwude’s book. Makes parrying a lot easier when your opponent feels obligated to press buttons.

Turn off all other programs, make sure no one else is using your internet.

Whats the best way to stream on PS4 without it causing laggy matches?

Have enough upload bandwidth. If you have limited upload, make sure you limit the amount that the stream uses to around 50% of total link speed.

Play on wired.

How do you do that?

Okay I’ll try it tonight.

First you check how much your upload speed is. Use and pick a server close to you. I’m not familiar with streaming from PS4s, but presumably there are various quality options with higher quality using more bandwidth. Pick one that is suitable for your upload. If there are no options, research how much it uses, and decide if it’s possible for you to stream. As long as you don’t use too much of your available bandwidth, it should not impact your game play. This assumes a wired connection. If you use wireless, I don’t think you should stream at all since it will cause issues with delivery of the important street fighter packets.

@“Mr. Flowers” fuck use it tells you your bufferbloat and is a more reliable tool. I had pretty bad bufferbloat for the longest time but it’s really hard to diagnose and find so I was dealing with it for the better half of a year or more before I finally fixed it all, and it was a pain in the ass. No packet loss, idle ping is fine, no bandwidth impact, it’s a weird issue.

Mike Z just made a post about ten hours ago about one sided rollback and what it’s caused by (desyncing via very small microstutters that are barely noticeable). The player who is “behind” the sync gets a ton of rollback, while the player that is “ahead” of the sync gets none at all. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Looks like I’m not set up for streaming. I did try wired aswell and it was pretty much the same.