Networkingyuppy Dual/Triple /Rj-45 Mods/LED Mod (Now Taking Orders For Evo!)

I’m can also take in orders for dual modding,triple, and rj-45 mods and create detachable cables on request… I can work with any manufactured sticks(TE, HRAP 1,2,3 FS3) specifically for the 360 and the PS3, PS1/2, whatever. :slight_smile: Wii and other old school consoles.

Shipping will be PAID SEPARATELY. However if you live in NYC, you can drop it off locally if you’re around the NYC area.

To order the Chimp, or Cthulhu and Imp Board:
The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread

I can also do RJ-45 mods and Detachable cables along with it!!!
Need a triple or quad mod?
$50 for dual mod services (LABOR ONLY)
Feel free to PM me for a price inquiry!

Shipping will be PAID SEPARATELY by the buyer.

Questions? Shoot me a PM, and I’ll get back to you eventually.

Facebook me for more pictures of Arcade Work!!!

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Here are a couple pictures of my work: g g g g g


yo net i want dual mod service.

Sure Serg, shoot me a PM. :smiley:

I live in NJ, I could bring everything to you and what not, is that ok?

My stick is custom but it has a Cthulu in it I believe, but it only works on PS3 and PC.

That’s the bottom of the stick in case you’re wondering.

Can you make it work on PS2 and 360? If not, just PS2?

Let me know :3

Well Master Chibi,
You can drop it off if you’d like to save Shipping costs. :smiley:
That can definitely be possible, However, I would need a MC Cthulhu in order to have the PS2 functionality. Once you get that board, I can dual mod the MC Cthulhu instead with a 360 Madcatz PCB. Basically you’ll have two wires, One specifically for the PS2, and a USB cord that will work with both 360 and PS3. :smiley:

I can vouch for Net. His work is legit. He dual modded this stick for me which was no easy feat because of how small this box is!!!

I should thank you lefty for giving me the inspiration to start this thread. Thanks for the recommendation. :smiley:

So the Cthulu I have now will be pretty much useless?

Oh, you don’t do stick art do you? I mean just changing the art itself, I’m fucking horrible with this shit.

Well it won’t be useless unless you plan to have a PS3 and PS2 controller only. As for stick art, what did you have in mind? I have no problems with those either. :smiley:

Well the problem with with me is that it’s custom, and I don’t have a template to work with.

Shit I’m sorry, I must be bugging the hell out of you with all these questions.


You don’t need a template to work with a custom. I just need the top plexi panel. :smiley:

Wow, you’re right.

Holy fuck I feel stupid.

yuppy is my boy, he gets the job done.

Yuppy just finished another dual mod for a PS3 TE for me. He took the pcb out of a fight stick for the 360 and combined them. Awesome sauce!

Toodles sells just the chip and diodes to swap out from PS3 Cthulhu to MC Cthulhu. It’s just $12 as opposed to buying a whole new board.

Ben will beat the **** out of you with Rog and then dual mod your stick with ease. A great modder and cool dude, do not hesitate to do business with this man.

How’s the progress on that pad I sent you man? Throw it in the garbage yet? :cool:

Nah not yet. I need to get a desoldering braid to take out a couple things on the cthulhu board.

Yo, Net, I have a HARP3 for the PS3 and a MadCatz 4167. All you’ll need is a MC Cthulhu to mod it right?

If you have an HRAP3, and a Madcatz 4716, You should be fine. :smiley:
The HRAP3 has a PS3 controller built in already. :smiley:

Do you take trades as payment?

I have a Hrap 3 with Sanwa parts I’ve like never used, care for it?