NEUROSIS GOING TO EVO your body ready?

shit is about to go down.

i can see him, hugo, and big marcus getting out of their pools to rep Bison


They’ll probably get out of the pools but I think it would be noteworthy if they got in the top 8. Not sure if thats very likely though.


My body is ready

I have prepared my angus

is andyOCR still repping bison? i haven’t been keeping up as of late.

Thought Hugo switched to Yun


ouch Goku just get punch in the balls.
is call Shin Goku sazu…

I think brain wash is ready, and I am so ready that capcom x nemco too!

Hugo is definitely playing Yun now.

I haven’t been keeping up, but is Kim definitely not going?

Neurosis in a pool with Mike Ross.

This might be the one time I don’t believe in Mike Ross…

I did play a match on live against him recently, Hugo makes anyone looks like his main. Very solid Yun

unbelievable, we probably see him go neck and neck with daigo again.

Neurosis plays a bunch of characters doesn’t he? He has more than a few characters at master level I think.

can we go ahead and make this “Who’s going to evo thread?” for bison forums? With that said…who’s going to evo this year??? and good luck to all the bipsons out there

Yeah he does. I think I remember seeing Sakura, Yang, and one more.

I guess that losing to this dude can really hurt your pride!

Seems like Mike Ross sent Neurosis to the loser’s bracket already.

lmao, come all the way to EVO to get put up against best Honda. Poor Guy.

and i heard that makot, the vega player, got out of that same pool in losers…:’( i think hes out…

What How come ?
is He didnt use bipson ?
Do you have video where Mike Ross beat neurosis
want to see it