Neutral game and target combos


so after giving up on SFIV and playing Skullgirls and KoF throughout a year, I decided to come back to SFIV. And I’m getting my ass kicked by even the medium hard CPUs. Most of my trouble seems to be stemming from a complete lack of knowledge of neutral game and how to get in. I am playing ibuki. I can do a HP, Cr.HK, HK target combo for some decent damage, but other than that I can’t get anything in and just get slaughtered every match.
I have a question about the target combos, and the ones learned in trials. Are ALL of those useful, good little combos to know and memorize, or is it more like KoF where a lot of them aren’t great to use in a real scenario?


Most of them aren’t useful in a real scenario. If you want better information on practical combos, check out the Ibuki sub-forums here.

While she does have good target combos, HP,, hk isn’t one of them, as you have way better options.