Neutral Game: How to properly call assists for setups?



Hey guys been trying to flesh out my neutral game for Vergil(and his brother), and I’m curious how you guys handle calling assists(particularly beam assists, I use Magnus disruptor) for all vergil’s teleport mixups, that he enforces in his neutral game.
Here’s an example of yipes pulling offwhat I’m aiming for in action: [media=youtube]Zwvlw4dCpQU[/media]

Are you guys often combining the assist call into a button press ex. for a stinger input you would press towards + C + A2 all at the same time, or are you staggering the assist input between the moves.

I know it’s very hard to explain neutral game tactics in text form, but any input on the subject or anything about vergil’s Neutral game would be totally awesome to hear. I feel like every char should have threads discussing the char neutral game/setups similar to how we have combo stickies. ToD’s aren’t terribly useful if you can’t touch your opponent!