Neutral Game

So, what are the basics to Seth’s neutral game? I’m not able to get any momentum because my neutral game isn’t really there.

st. mk and are pretty good pokes, cancel different normals into tanden, cr.mkxxsonic boom fadc to open people up. focus helps a lot, seths is really good, but do not overuse it. also dash spd

I mostly use a mix of, (xboom), and dash spd. Raw FADC into cr.lp or spd works occasionally vs fireball chars to get your game started, good players rarely chuck plasma in dash lp/spd range though. I don’t like raw tanden or boom at jump-in/mid footsie range, it’s too big a risk for Seth (maybe boom with 2 meter). Focus vs chars with poor armor breaker is ok too.

Just remember Seth isn’t a footsie char. If you’re being forced to play a footsie game most of the time vs your opponent, you’re either not getting enough openings on them or you’re letting them get away too easy after the kd. Best example of this is Seth vs Guile/DJ, you play their game, you get absolutely melted. Play fullscreen, fish for KD, then go in hard? Borderline 7-3 Seth.

[list][]Random Focus attack
[] (this move is so under-utilized)
]far hp (outside footsie range
[]Sonic Boom (not as good as Ryu’s Hadouken because it has more startup and Seth is tall so jump-in punishes on reaction are possible
]Tanden Engine as a poke whiff punish, leading to full combos
[]Did they do anything that takes a long time? Ultra that shit.
[]Divekick in when they try to poke
] xx mk legs at a range where it whiffs if they do nothing
[*]Dash SPD[/list]

Great! This is the kind of list I needed. I’ve only been playing Seth and this game in general, seriously for about 6 months, so I’m trying to gather as much info as I can. Thanks, everyone.