Neutral Ground 3/07 Results!


Good turnout for such short notice.

Tekken 4

  1. Therealyst
  2. Fernando (GameMario316)
  3. Justin Wong

Pokemon Puzzle League

  1. TFGM
  2. (tie) Wyldflower
  3. Jeron

TMNT: Tournament Fighters

  1. (tie) Jeron
  2. (tie) Norman
  3. Jason

Mario Kart 64

  1. Rafu
  2. TFGM
  3. Josh


  1. Arturo
  2. Erik (SmoothViper)
  3. Pedro


  1. Arturo
  2. Jeron
  3. TFGM
  4. Norman (HarlemHero)
  5. A-ko (Lady Harlem)
  6. Fernando (Gruntnizzle)

Soul Calibur II

  1. Victor Garbov
  2. Dice
  3. Randall


  1. Jason
  2. Wes
  3. Rafa


  • Old school returns! Ninja Gaiden, Black Tiger, TMNT!
  • Niggas couldnt beat Mario 3 :lol:
  • TFGM comes back from the losers bracket to win 12 straight in Mario Kart, then loses 4-3 in the grand finals.
  • Fernando was done in 4 words :lol:
  • Armageddon is mad scrubby :bluu:
  • Justin 3rd in t4, what the fuck
  • Jeron and myself used random select, random grooves in cvs2

next tourney will be in a month or so…and Halo will definetely be there, since so many people were asking for it. Thanks for coming


Two Words.

The Realyst.

Props later.


yea the tourney’s were fun
justin on T4, strange enough. guess that means 3D > 2D after all…

no hate on rafu, but it was a star away from a final set… but thems breaks…

fear the jersey Kart…

and i won enough to cover for my expenses getting there. :smiley:

PATH is truth




~Born to Play~

It was greating having you guys. See you next time. Congrats to all that parcipate won or just plain had fun. Until then.


Heh I had mad fun last night. It was funny tho. Empire didn’t want me to win CvS2 :lol:

I won my entry fee back so its all good. =) Good shyt guys.


good shit to everybody,mario kart is too fun:cool:

i hope i see halo in the next tourny


ARGH!! I missed another Puzzle League tourney!!!.. AND TMNT Tournament Fighters??? :frowning:

TFMG, im still lookin for some Puzzle League against you. Should be fun. I took over Md in Tetris this weekend and won some easy cash. So at least i have that. (Still wanted to play Puzzle League:bluu: )


Does anyone wanna get scraped like i did to those 2 guys (3 first places in a row, please X-Ryu/X-Pac STOP IT ! :cool: ) well at least i’m in the Top 5 :cool:


~Born to Play~

Yes if not for you taking that guy out I would of went to the losers bracket earlier. Never the less I still went to the losers bracket. I don’t think they are talking about us, I think they are just talking about how I came out of losers with 12 straight first place. I still lost in the Grand Finals. 4-3. If I won that last race I would have reset and who knows from there. But you can’t beat starman. Especially in the final run for the finish line. Yoshi, Princess, and Toad. The best in the game. Do not play any other character. :bluu: Did I ever tell you that I hate teir games!:bluu: Until then.


sorry about that T.F.G.M. i understand what you say, well back to training for me :evil: and i reedit what i say too :smiley:


I don’t really go to tournaments to win, because I never do, but this time around, I guess I got pretty lucky. Decent tournament. Everything was ran semi smoothly, I can’t complain. Except that there were no memory cards. :mad:

Justin, if you trained yourself to own in that madness called MvC2, I’m sure you can learn Tekken. You getting 3rd should be an indication of that.

Josh, I’m disappointed and proud of you at the same time. Aren’t you glad you came now? How much fun was that!

Dyse, man you need to calm down sometimes. Maybe you would of won on PS2, but you know coming it that SC2 was going to be ran on Gamecube. So for you to want to change is wrong. Just chill out next time.

Fernando, I thought you didn’t have to worry about anyone in Tekken?

Jason and Dave, good seeing you guys again.

To everyone else I didn’t mention, but I met, I don’t know your names. But good meeting y’all. I’m sure I’ll pop up to more of these.


yea everyone knew what went wrong, even me. ill have to make sure that doesnt happen again next time around.

yea… next tourney make sure u have memory cards w/ characters unlocked, im not gonna unlock everyone again.


This tourney was really hell for me because I had to run 4 tourneys and I was dead tired. LOLz…


Yo this is “Dice” Sorry about being an ass but i couldn’t let myself go 4-0 because i can’t play right on a controller. And when Victor was allowed to keep his working stick and i got switched to a controller like it didn’t make a difference between the two it pissed me off too much. It’s the Grand Finals if i lose because of lack of skills i’m ok with that but if i’m going to lose because i can’t use a stick on a GC (NO PS2 STICK IS COMPATIBLE WITH GAMECUBE PERIOD) thats bogus and unfair. Even on a controller it wouldn’t have mattered because i know he’s better on the stick i’m better on the stick and the grand finals in ANY game should allow the two competitors the best oppurtunity to win. We were the best two there and i got to play him with half skills? unfair. Just because he was known as the best Sc2 player i’m suppose to lay down for him like he’s God of Sc2? No fucking way. I’m glad i stood up for myself and the right to fairness in a tournament and one of the rules of any tournament is that it be ran fairly where everyone has an equal shot, i didn’t have an equal shot.

One last thing was i begged for this in advance and it still got shot down i begged for it there and still nothing. It’s not just me who would have wanted it on Ps2 anyone from the Sc2 community would have wanted the same thing.

Anyway it was “alright” for a first shot but it could have been ran better.

Next one should definitely be 2 days, too much shit crammed into one.

Also put MvC2 and Sc2 on PS2 where most people are comfortable with so we don’t have to share equipment. Those tournaments went on too long because of waiting because people wanted to use Ps2 equipment for both games. also more people would have joined in on Sc2 had it been on a Ps2.

Simply put Ps2 is the premere system for tournaments.

If you don’t have enough PS2’s I’m STILL willing to donate.

Mad props to Victor, his Raph is indeed professional level.

Just do what people want! People want ps2’s so just give it to them!


Uh no MvC2 on PS2. Next time we getting this shyt on a DC where it belongs.

People should have brought there own controllers. That’s all I’m gonna say.


Props need to go to Q. She took mad time to get most of the Top Tier characters in Marvel out.

Highlight: A non-Magneto tournament in Marvel that made EVERYONE happy. :lol:


i brought all my own shit.

stick controller and converter. Not my fault if they run it on a gay system.

I might be interested if MvC2 is on DC. i can actually play the DC version.


Had MvC2 been on DC the fact that I was up all night before might not have made me leave…Random All Night Walking w/ Lloyd & Tiff O-W-N-S me for FREEEEEEEEEE


mmmmm I’m not gonna say anything…

I wanna rematch the empire again. Fuckers lol.


you knew the rules when you signed up and still continued to play until it was the last match and you were losing.that is not fair to the other guy.if it was really that big a problem you should of talked to someone,you said that you did but dont know who it are we supposed to help if you dont know who said no to your request.

Anyhow it was still alot of fun for our first tourny,to all of those who had to wait for stick and converters,we do appologized.Next tourny we will be better prepared.